Monday, June 27, 2011

Daughter Catches U Jerking Off you PErv!

You're in the bathroom having a quick stroke off session & you thought you locked the door but obviously you didn't when your cute daughter walks in suddenly! She's startled when she sees her dad with his big dick in his hands. But she doesn't slam the door running in fright though. it's that time in her life when she's curious about what boys like & what to do with them if heaven forbids, she gets a boyfriend. Amo wants to stay & watch, acting very cute & innocently, asking a lot of jerk off related questions as to your jack off habits & what you like to do & why. She's very curious about learning all about how guys shoot their load. Her eyes widen as she sees how big you get as you stroke it with your daughter watching you. When you're ready to blow your wad she excited keeps saying "cum daddy, cum!" until you explode right there. Without warning, she snakes her hand up and touches your semen, taking a tiny bit on her fingertips & gingerly tasting it while giggling nervously. What a naughty bad daughter you have!


Rich Housewives Jerk Off Instructions

You have a pool cleaning business & today you're cleaning the pool of a millionaire & his hot italian wife, Lolalynn. it's great being your own boss but it's so tempting seeing all the hot wives of the owners pools you service. Today, Lolalynn & her girlfriend Kenna Valentina are sitting under hte veranda gossiping. You overhear them talking about how ripped & tan you are & they call you over, giggling like schoolgirls. They engage in small talk & admit they've been checking you out. They're feeling naughty and lick their lips in anticipation of the fun they're going to have with you. They think you have a big cock but they can't tell... so they want to see it to make sure... and it IS BIG, just like they thought... bigger than their old husbands cocks anyways. They're eyes light up & they encourage you to stroke that thick rod while they watch. They discuss your cock & you while you're stroking, loving every moment of it! They love teasing you with their talk & give you lots of hand motions to follow along. They only address you as "POOLBOY." it's a good steady pace & they encourage you to cum & cum hard! It's a big load and shoots far, a drop of it hits Lolalynn & she wipes it up with her fingers & licks it off seductively. They sure enjoyed your jerk off show & it brightened an otherwise uneventful day for them... especially seeing one so big! Lolalynn is in her late 30's Kenna is around mid 30's, both are dressed like kept housewives should be.

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kenna valentina Masturbation Encouragement

You called to get house insurance for your new place & they said someone would come by to look at the house & sign you up with a new policy. Well, they never said that it would be busty babe Kenna Valentina! She's wearing a very low cut top so you can't help but stare. Kenna catches you & likes this attention cuz she knows she's a hottie! She even calls you out on your growing boner under your pants. Thinking this will get you to buy an expensive insurance package, she big time flirts with you and asks to see your cock. It's a lot bigger than she thought & she encourages you to start stroking it while watching her. She's such a tease with her dirty words & talk, plus hand motions to follow. When it's time to cum, she encourages you to cum in her awaiting hands and she eats it all up hungrily. Well I guess you'll be getting that policy now!

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Amo Morbia Jerk Off in Public at Cafe

you're sitting down at an outside cafe with your coffee but there's a girl scoping you out at the next table. She beckons you over so you sit with her & she admits she really thinks your hot and wants to see if your package really is a big as it looks. She's super quick & forward with her requests and you can tell she's super horny and getting turned on by this. You pull it our eagerly and with her close encouragement, starts stroking it big time. People are driving nearby but she LEANS IN real close to block the view & get a good view of your big dick covered in precum. She loves talking real close & dirty to you, seeing how you react & excited you get. She works you up with her dirty talk & encouragement to a nice bg finish & you blow your load. Will it be big enough to hit her? Sexy Amo Morbia is a fetish model from Florida. She's definately a good dirty talker.


Siren Thorn Housekeeper JO Instructions

Sexy fetish model Siren Thorn is back in another different jerk off instruction video! She's the cue housekeeper in the motel & she comes in with towels but instead totally BUSTS you with your cock in hand. She's a little shy but she sits down on thebed across from you and insists you keep stroking cuz she wants to watch! You like others watching, especially nice cute ladies like her. You think she's kind of enjoying it too... kinky! She keeps encouraging you and teasing you in a sexy way. When you cum, u cum all over yourself & h's very quick to lean in with a towel to help you wipe it all up!

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Amo Morbia Babysitter JO Instruction

cute college girl Amo Morbia comes into your room while your parents are out and wants to have a word with you... what a total pervert she is! She wants to make sure you're jerkng off well and see your technique. She advises you to spit on your hands to make it wetter & gives you lots of great advice, as your sweet babysitter. she gives you great jerk off hand motions to follow along with. She works you faster & faster until you cum all over yourself. shhhh don't tell your mom, she makes you promise!


Detention time again! At least once a week you're stuck in detention for one thing or another but this time you have it planned out. You notice that Miss Wenona was looking extra hot today in her skirt & hose & you're leaning down trying to sneak a peak but she catches you looking at her. You've already got a raging stiffy in your pants & she clearly sees it under your pants so she calls you out on it! Yup, busted checking out teacher. But instead of being unhappy with you and giving you more detention, she starts flirting with you. What a pervert she is! She even wants to see how big you are & surprised at the nice size you have. But the real question is... do you know what to do with it? Well, she's going to see & if you need some help & tips, she'll give you plenty of that! Lots of nice dirty talk to encourage you as well as hand motions to follow, from a lady who has more experience than you! No where is she going to make you cum? Wenona is a lady in her early 30's with a fit body, and orthdonic braces


Orias Bestat office JO encouragement

You're holding interviews for an assistant but ORias was a bit late so you started looking at your favorite internet porn site on the computer before she got here. Orias arrives & you start the interview but you still have a raging boner underneath the table so you keep on stroking it discreetly, hoping she doesn't notice. But she DOES NOTICE & verifies it by looking under the table! Totally BUSTED JACKING OFF! She doesn't run away though, she kinds of is enjoying it & wants to keep watching you jerking it. Even coming over to sit on your desk & boldly giving you jerk off instructions & hand motions to follow! You're just so glad she didn't report you or call the cops & you enjoy having this young lady watch you stroking it. She's a cute fiesty one so maybe you should hire her!

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LolaLynn Boss makes you jerk off

Your HOT MILF boss Lolalynn (itaian, in her mid-late 30's) calls you in for a sit down meeting. It's time for your annual performance rating in the company & the boss isn't impressed with your performance at all. But now is your time to make it up to her & keep your job. She wants to see your big package but not only that... she wants to see you jerk it for her while she watches & rates you. she gives you some instruction & is a lil bit bossy, but she is the boss! When it's time to cum she wants you to cum in her hands & she is going to taste it & rate your cum!! Let's see if it passed her test & if you keep your job afterwards. Lolalynn is a seriously hot MILF who knows how to dirty talk & get you off!

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Busted Jerking Off by Bikini Hottie

You're spying out your window at some of the girls walking back to their apartments from the pool in their bikinis. One short haired girl is walking by in her bikini top looking hot & she looks over at you, busting you with yur dick in hand! You hide from the window but you her a knock on the door & it's that girl you were spying on!! She's kind of mad but she wants to watch you finish, cuz she's kind of a perv too. In fact she ORDERS you to keep jerking off, following her hnd motions. You get so excited you need to CUM now & it's a HUGE cum shot, you splatter her with some semen on her boobs!! That's a long shot. She's shocked at first... but she's secretly liking the attention!

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Orias sister JO Encouragement

Older Sister Orias comes into your room & tells you that one of her friends was spying on you at school & saw you in the bathroom & said you had a big cock. Naturally she doesn't believe you & wants to see it herself!! She convinces you to pull it out & she'sastounded by the size of it. Of course it's been quite a few years. She wants to teach her litle brother a few techniques for jerking off & she shows you with her hands so you can follow along. She totally is a schoolgirl big sister type with her mannerism & actions. She is incredulous that this is even happening! You can't wait and cum so hard! it just keeps on coming & cumming all ove the place & Orias is squeeling in shock. Se can't believe how much you had in here.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Uncircumsized Jerk Off Encouragment Siren Thorn

UNCIRCUMSIZED JERK OFF ENCORAGEMENT WITH ASIAN SIREN THORNThere's NO privacy in your apartment with your family around so you sneak off to the evacuation stairwell for your building where you've sneaked quick jerk off sessions before. You're in your confort level and stroking your uncut uncircumsized dick when all of a sudden, an asian girl comes into the stairwell. With no time to conceal yourself, she sees your DICK IN HAND and gets all shy & shocked about it. She stares at it because she's never seen an uncut dick before. You can tell she's not very experienced, but she's very curious and has a lot of questions to ask you about your foreskin! You kind of like being watched & she wants you to keep stroking it while she's asking you questions about your masturbatory habits, etc. You think she likes this because she's a kinky girl underneath. So you work your way up to a nice cum & she sinks to her knees because she wants you to milk your dick into her ready mouth for a taste!! After a big wipe, she's off!

Uncircumsized Masturbation Encouragement with Asian Siren Thorn

Teacher Orias Bestat Masturbation Instructions

you're having a quick jerk off session in the teachers bathroom where you thought you'd have more privacy than the public boys bathrooms. But you didn't lock the door properly and Miss Orias Bestat walks in. She stops in her tracks when she sees you with your dick in hand!! She slams down her binder & threatens to report you. But then she notices you're not pulling on it very effectively and wants to teach you some better techniques to jack off & cum. She gives you lots of instruction like only a teacher can do, with lots of hand motions & talk instructions. She wants you to milk it hard for her & she's going to taste your cum & let you know how it tastes & check out the consistancy too. OMG she's going to grade you on your masturbation skillz & cum so you better listen to Miss Teacher!


Daughter Dad Masturbation Encouragement Siren Thorn

You come home from work all wiped out. Being a single dad isn't easy, especially with such an innocent daughter going through puberty. You're shocked when you walk into your room & your daughter Siren in wearing one of your work shirts and lying in your bed seductively. She's never looked at you like this before, all coy like she wants some special attention from her dad. She wants to know about how boys pleasure themselves & how to "jack off" her new boyfriend, but she wants a man to show her how it's done first. She's very shy and coy about it, and what's daddy to do but to school his girl. She's shocked at how big you are & watches intently as you jerk it, asking a lot of questions about it. What a naughty girl you have!! Enjoy this daddy / daughter jerk off encouragement scenario & let me know if you like it & you want to see more in this style


Cheerleader Girls Watch U Jerking it

You're hoping to jerk off real fast before everyone gets home this afternoon & you're wacking away furiously when your blond sister Galas & he friend come home from cheerleading early! They stop in their tracks when they bust you jacking your cock on the couch!! They immediately burst into laughter, not making fun of your size, jsut the fact that you're busted jerking it. They want to watch you finish & cum and tease you with their uniforms & gigglng like silly school girls. They're so bad!!! But so are you, jerking it for your sister like a pervert. DOn't tell anyone!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Hot Blonde Busts You Jacking Off on Street

You're such a total pervert and you're sitting on a road bridge with a raging hardon. You see a hot college age blonde girl walking across the bridge so you start jerking it in your hand, hoping she'll bust you! Well she DOES BUST you but instead of screaming & running like other girls she wants to watch you finish jacking your cock while she watches!! She kind of teases you & gives you encouragement as you stroke, & cars are whizzing by but they have NO clue! When she sees you're about to CUM she sits down beside you but you're not allowed to touch her! She going to watch you spill your load all over in public you pervert!! Featuring sexy blonde fetish model GALAS.


More Mom & Sister JO Encouragement Clips

Another PERVERTED Mom & Sister jerk off encouragement clip with Arianna Labarbara & Kenna Valentina... You come home & they are both waiting 4 U on the couch where they cofront U about your jerk off habits. They want U to know it's perfctly normal & that they'd like to see how you jack off now because mom can definately offer some pointers since she's had more experience! They comment on how big your cock is & that you take after dad. You start stroking & mom being mom has to chime in with how she'd like to see you grip it, the strokes & motions and mom & sis suggest fingering your asshole while you jack it as well! They have some good ideas & you have a suspicion that they're enjoying this way too much! They work you faster & faster with their hand motions & dirty talk before you CUM & sister Kenna holds out her hands to catch your cum. Kenna pervertely tastes your jizz and mom Arianna licks it off her hands as well...


Mother & Sister Incest JO Instructions

PERVERTED Mom & Sister jerk off encouragement clip. You're in the bathtub with the curtains drawn & your mom comes in to start putting on makeup but she didn't see you yet! Watching her gets U hard, as you've often fantasized about your hot busty MOM Arianna Labarbara before. She sees you spying, opens the curtains & sees your huge grown up cock standing up! She comments on how big you are now & calls in your sister Kenna Valentina, to come in and see what youve been doing. They both think it's so hot and want to see you finish, talking to you sensually, teasing you and also giving hand motions to follow. They love talking dirty to you and it's making your moms pussy wet watching her grown boy jackin off his nice hard dick. They tell you're almost ready to cum so they kneel down & encourage U to cum on their tits & chest. They are BEGGING FOR YOUR CUM & telling U how much they love you! You splatter them with your jizz & they're hinting that this could happen again!!


Mom & Sister Watches you jerking off

Your mom found out that you've been using her socks as jerk off socks! She confronts you about it & while she's doing that your blond sister Livvy comes in & she had found the other sock that matches the one your mom is holding. They tell U to stop using their socks & they want to watch you jerk off right now to see your technique & if you're doing a good job of it. You start stroking it for your sister & mom as they watch U intently & even giggle a bit. your mom gives you some jerk off instructions & hand motions & your sister starts doing them too. Your sister is sniffing your dried up cum on the sock; what a PERV! THey work you up & you'e so horny U need to cum so they hold out the socks for u to cum on!! Your sister even sneaks a quick lick of your fresh cum on te sock & your mom tells her to stop it! What a weird family U have. Featuring fetish models Ryen Ryder and Olivia Rose.


Sexy Redhead JO Encouragement in your car

If you have exhibitionist & public flashing & exposure tendencies but are too shy to actually do it in person there's no ned for you to not live your fantasy! You're jerking off in brod daylight in your car and a hot redhead Crash, walks by & spots you! She taps on your window & surprises you! She invites herself into your car & encourages you to continue stroking your meat while she waches. She enjoys watching you hungrily and gives you some good dirty talk & hand motions to follow while she eyes you up and down. She wants you to cum of course & she wants U to cum in her mouth, she leans down & really encourages you to squeeze your cock nice & hard & milk it into her mouth to taste you!! THen she thanks you for the show is outta there!


Sexy Teacher Selene Jerk Off Instructions

Great CNFM, jerk off instruction by sexy teacher scenario! Featuring the very sexy Selene as your teacher. You're in detention & she catchs U staring at her pantyhose clad legs, trying to get up upskirt peek! She calls you out on your BONER & tells you to move your hand to stop covering it. She thinks U have a big cock hiding in your pants & wants you to prove her right! She likes what she sees when u whip it out and gives you really good & precise jerk off instructions to follow, along with hand motions. She loves taking charge of her students & instructing them to make sure they are doing EVERYTHING correctly! She wants to work U up to a nice big cum shot, but when you're about to cum she wants U to cum on the floor, so tomorrow morning, when class is in session, she will see the stains & remember what happened yesterday with her favorite & best pupil!!


Sister Crash Cheerleadr JO

ou're outside the window spying on your college age SISTER, redhead Crash, as she is in her cheerleading uniform practicing her cheers in the living room. She catches you spying on her and playfully asks what you are doing outside. She knows you like to see her in her full cheerleading uniform & suspects you of even sniffing her underwears in the laundry pile! She sees your big tent in your pants & wants to see it. She's shy and giggly but she likes being your OLDER SISTER and being able to demand things from you, like making you jack off right now! You're so turned on by all of this & the taboo - ness of it. She even likes instructing you on how to jerk it and even some dirty talk! You can't believe the words coming out of your sisters mouth! You're going to cum & she really encourages U to do so, so she can see how much comes out of your cock! She squeels in glee as you explode all over yourself & she reaches over to touch the cum on the tip of your penis & tastes it!! Then she
runs off... shhhh don't ever tell mom


Sister & Friend Watch You jack off

Your barely college age sister comes into your room & plops herself on the bed, telling u that she heard a rumor that you had a big penisand wanted to see it for herself. Right away, u pull it out and it starts getting hard with the thought of impressin your totally cute sister. She's definately impressed and shocked and wants to watch u jackin it. She's s innocent & cute, asking a lot of jerk off related questions with curiousity. You can' thold on and cum pretty fast, all over yourself, and it's a LOT of it too!! Her eyes widen and she darts her hands out and tastes some of your cum!! Featuring pornstar SUMMER LUV, she has never acted before an was SHY about this scene

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Summer Luv Sister Watches You Jerk

Your barely college age sister comes into your room & plops erself on the bed, telling u that she heard a rumor that you had a big penisand wanted to see it for herself. Right away, u pull it out and it starts getting hard with the thought of impressin your totally cute sister. She's definately impressed and shocked and wants to watch u jackin it. She's s innocent & cute, asking a lot of jerk off related questions with curiousity. You can' thold on and cum pretty fast, all over yourself, and it's a LOT of it too!! Her eyes widen and she darts her hands out and tastes some of your cum!! Featuring pornstar SUMMER LUV, she has never acted before an was SHY about this scene

Candi Apple Nurse JO Insutruction

Sexy blonde pornstar Candi Apple as your home nurse, coming in to give your daily sponge bath but today you've got a surprise planned for her!! Since your leg operation, U have to spend the next 4 weeks in bed but good thing insurance provides a homecar nurse to you. Candi has been so happy & perky & today you're going to stage an "accident" where you have a hardon when she pulls back the covers!! Candi is surprised at your size & how naughty U are, nd also realises U probably haven't cum in awhile so she is very encouraging and gives you lots of hand motions to follow. U think she's enjoying this a little too much!! She works U up to a nice cumshot and tells you to cum on her white gloved hands & she's going to taste it all. She encourages U to milk it dry!! Then it's sponge bath time