Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Freshi Juice Mom/Son jerk off instructions

Freshi Juice is a curvy full figured ALT & trendy young mom, whom you just happen to be spying on while she's coming out of the shower! She sees that you're standing there staring at you & notice you've got a tent in your pants so she calls you out on it. She's been noticing that you've been staring at her & that her panties have been missing so she asks you about those too. She wants you to be open & honest with her & wants to see how you pleasure yourself. Mom in very straightforward in asking you to jerk off while she watches & gives you additional jerk off instructions & even reaches over to help you stroke it. Mom knows best right?? She strokes you faster & faster with her hands until it's time to cum a nice load & she wants it right on her chest. She uses the "son" word a lot until you cum on her & she tastes it on her fingers. She holds up her fingers because she wants you to taste it too! Shhh this is your dirty lil secret so you can't tell anyone