Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Masturbation Encouragement with Janessa Jordan

Janessa Jordan, canadian pornstar & model, is waiting for you in her bed, in a cute bra & panty set. She wants to see you jerk off for her as she watches, since she's such a voyeur!! She instructs you to get hard while you watch her, and pull it out & start stroking it, while she talks sexy to you and give you hand signals and some instructions as well, slower, faster, work the head... etc. She's in AWE as you cum, commenting on how big you are and what a nice load you have!!


Mommy watches you jerking off Arianna Labarbera

Your sexy busty MOM Arianna Labarbera comes home from shopping trip with some new dresses and she wanted to get your opinion on it. She starts undressing in front of you & because you've always had these perverted fantasies about your mom, you start getting a boner. Arianna notices & comments on it. THen she encourages you to take it out, commenting on how big you are now!! She wants you to JACK OFF for her, as you encourages you and gives you hand motions to follow along to, as well as jerk off instructions. Mom is getting SO turned on watching you. You're ready to cum and she wants U to CUM IN HER MOUTH! Uh oh... Daddy is pulling into the driveway so act natural!


Best friends GF tastes your cum

Sexy Janessa Jordan is your best friends girlfriend. She follows you into your house and quickly tells you SHE'S ALWAYS BEEN ATTRACTED TO YOU & wants to see your COCK size. You don't have much time before your friend (her BF) comes back so you whip it out and start JERKING OFF TO HER ENCOURAGEMENT as she watches in awe of your big cock. It's turning her on, but it's a quick jerk off session. When you're ready to cum she wants U TO CUM INTO A CUP and she drinks it hungrily, loving your taste. Your best friend is going to come back soon so just act natural!! WOW, you just jerked off in front of your friends girlfriend!


Hooters Girl Janessa Watches you Jerk Off

Hooters girl Janessa Jordan comes to your house to pick up your sister, but she's not ready yet so Janessa sits down in the living room with you. She notices you've got a hardon checking her out in her TIGHT HOOTERS UNIFORM and she laughs about it. Janessa tells you to take it out and jerk it for her as she watches, she loves teasing you and watching you get turned on looking at her ass in the Hooters Shorts. She tells you how she wants you to stroke your cock and when it's time to cum, SHE WANTS YOU TO CUM INTO HER HANDS and she just eats it ALL UP! Shhh... your sisters coming so act like nothing happened! Great jerk off encouragement clip with Hooters Uniform Outfit

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Jerk off encouragement with MILF Karinne

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Jerk off encouragement with Lilyanna

YOU'RE THE BOSS and you're interviewing for an open secretarial position. You're interviewing a very sexy blond lady Lily Anna and you can't help but get so turned on by her so you start stroking your hard cock under the desk. She notices and BUSTS YOU JERKING IT right away! But she encourages you to keep rubbing it, hoping to get the job. She uses her hands to let you know how she wants you to stroke your big engorged member and also setting the pace. Lily Anna is definately bubbly and cute, a lil bit shy about the situation but she really wants this job so she's aiming to please. When it's time for you to unload she gets down and OPENS WIDE TO TASTE YOUR CUM. Great jerk off instruction and encouragement fantasy.


Cheerleader Busts you Jacking Off!

Janessa Jordan sporting a cheerleader uniform. Janessa is walking beside your car and she looks in and sees YOU JERKING OFF! she taps on your window and confronts you about jacking off while watching her. She comes into the passenger seat and tells you to keep stroking your BIG COCK WHILE SHE WATCHES. Janessa flashes you her panties a couple times to tease you; what a cute lil cheerleader tease she is! You're ready to cum and she wants you to cum your BIG LOAD INTO HER HANDS!! She then licks it up, enjoying the taste of your juices. she gets out and prances off... leaving you wondering WTF just happened?? Great jerk off encouragement scenario fantasy.