Saturday, December 19, 2009

Masturbation Instruction with Boss Candi

Blonde boss Candi Apple call you into her office. She found you were looking at porn on your office computer and is NOT happy with you, saying you could get fired for that! Candi wants to see you pull out your dick and JERK OFF FOR HER right now, the perverted boss that she is. And she enjoys watching you too!! You get nice & rock hard for her, stroking that cock while she laughs and watches. She gives you some jerk off instruction hand motions as well, smiling coyly & enjoying it! You finally CUM HARD, all over her office floor. Candi instructs you to clean up her floor and the scene ends there!


2 Girls Watch You Jerk Off

You're feeling bold today, checking out the hotel patio area, and you spot 2 ladies sitting together at a table. You sit down at their table & strike up conversation and they notice right away you've got a boner. They figure you're an exhibitionist and encourage you to pull it out and jerk off under the table. At first their a little reluctant but they get into it and start giving you masturbation instructions and motions with their hands, verbally encouraging you!! You start cumming and stand up, CUMMING on the table. They play with the cum on the table, even tasting it on their fingers. You walk away, having a great public jerk off experience with two strangers.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Sister Busts You Jerkin in Bathroom

You're in the bathroom jerking off but you forgot to lock the door & your SISTER Janessa Jordan walks in suddenly and sees you with you COCK in your hands. She's all giggly and shy at first but she stays and wants to watch, since she's never seen a guy jerk off before. She sees you staring at her feet and concludes you get turned on BY FEET, so she teases you with her bare sexy feet. Janesa watches INTENTLY AS YOU STROKE IT, making comments and asking questions innocently. When you're going to cum she wants you to CUM ON HER BARE FEET, she comments on how warm it is and how it looks!

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Teen Busts You Jerking Off

You are jacking off in the privacy of your apartment but you left the hall blinds open and blonde party girl LilyAnna is walking by, peeks in and SEES YOU JERKING OFF, dick in hand! She knocks on the door and wants to watch you finish & cum. She is a perv just like you and it's turning her on to watch you stroke that big thick cock as she encourages you & gives you hand motions. When you're about to cum she wants you to CUM IN HER WATER BOTTLE and she takes a big swig out of it!!! What a kinky girl! But she's got somewhere to go so she leaves just as fast as she came in! Great jerk off encouragement & instructions video clip.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Masturbation Encouragement with Janessa Jordan

Janessa Jordan, canadian pornstar & model, is waiting for you in her bed, in a cute bra & panty set. She wants to see you jerk off for her as she watches, since she's such a voyeur!! She instructs you to get hard while you watch her, and pull it out & start stroking it, while she talks sexy to you and give you hand signals and some instructions as well, slower, faster, work the head... etc. She's in AWE as you cum, commenting on how big you are and what a nice load you have!!


Mommy watches you jerking off Arianna Labarbera

Your sexy busty MOM Arianna Labarbera comes home from shopping trip with some new dresses and she wanted to get your opinion on it. She starts undressing in front of you & because you've always had these perverted fantasies about your mom, you start getting a boner. Arianna notices & comments on it. THen she encourages you to take it out, commenting on how big you are now!! She wants you to JACK OFF for her, as you encourages you and gives you hand motions to follow along to, as well as jerk off instructions. Mom is getting SO turned on watching you. You're ready to cum and she wants U to CUM IN HER MOUTH! Uh oh... Daddy is pulling into the driveway so act natural!


Best friends GF tastes your cum

Sexy Janessa Jordan is your best friends girlfriend. She follows you into your house and quickly tells you SHE'S ALWAYS BEEN ATTRACTED TO YOU & wants to see your COCK size. You don't have much time before your friend (her BF) comes back so you whip it out and start JERKING OFF TO HER ENCOURAGEMENT as she watches in awe of your big cock. It's turning her on, but it's a quick jerk off session. When you're ready to cum she wants U TO CUM INTO A CUP and she drinks it hungrily, loving your taste. Your best friend is going to come back soon so just act natural!! WOW, you just jerked off in front of your friends girlfriend!


Hooters Girl Janessa Watches you Jerk Off

Hooters girl Janessa Jordan comes to your house to pick up your sister, but she's not ready yet so Janessa sits down in the living room with you. She notices you've got a hardon checking her out in her TIGHT HOOTERS UNIFORM and she laughs about it. Janessa tells you to take it out and jerk it for her as she watches, she loves teasing you and watching you get turned on looking at her ass in the Hooters Shorts. She tells you how she wants you to stroke your cock and when it's time to cum, SHE WANTS YOU TO CUM INTO HER HANDS and she just eats it ALL UP! Shhh... your sisters coming so act like nothing happened! Great jerk off encouragement clip with Hooters Uniform Outfit

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Jerk off encouragement with MILF Karinne

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Jerk off encouragement with Lilyanna

YOU'RE THE BOSS and you're interviewing for an open secretarial position. You're interviewing a very sexy blond lady Lily Anna and you can't help but get so turned on by her so you start stroking your hard cock under the desk. She notices and BUSTS YOU JERKING IT right away! But she encourages you to keep rubbing it, hoping to get the job. She uses her hands to let you know how she wants you to stroke your big engorged member and also setting the pace. Lily Anna is definately bubbly and cute, a lil bit shy about the situation but she really wants this job so she's aiming to please. When it's time for you to unload she gets down and OPENS WIDE TO TASTE YOUR CUM. Great jerk off instruction and encouragement fantasy.


Cheerleader Busts you Jacking Off!

Janessa Jordan sporting a cheerleader uniform. Janessa is walking beside your car and she looks in and sees YOU JERKING OFF! she taps on your window and confronts you about jacking off while watching her. She comes into the passenger seat and tells you to keep stroking your BIG COCK WHILE SHE WATCHES. Janessa flashes you her panties a couple times to tease you; what a cute lil cheerleader tease she is! You're ready to cum and she wants you to cum your BIG LOAD INTO HER HANDS!! She then licks it up, enjoying the taste of your juices. she gets out and prances off... leaving you wondering WTF just happened?? Great jerk off encouragement scenario fantasy.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Party Slut Busts You Jerking Off

You are jerking in your apartment and a blond party girl walks by your window and sees you stroking it. She wants to come right in and thinks it fun to watch you, she really encourages you to go fast & sometimes slow, making hand motions for you to follow. Candi reveals her HUGE JIGGLY BOOBS as you jerk to her encouragement, and seeing how excited and turned on she's getting you're ready to cum!! She gets down on her knees with MOUTH OPEN and ready for your big cum to fill her mouth. Then just as quick as she came, she's outta here and you're left wondering "who the heck was that?"

Cheerleader Teen Watches You Jerk Off & Cum

You happen to a closet exhibitionist EXPOSING YOURSELF out the window and a cute CHEERLEADER TEEN ( Janessa Jordan) is visiting the tenant downstairs. She sees you STROKING IT and marches right upstairs! As soon as you open the door she calls you out on your masturbation and calls you a pervert. Then she parks herself on your kitchen counter and demands that you keep wacking your cock because she's going to watch til you CUM. Janessa is smart and she knows her sexy cheerleader uniform is turning you on so she subtlely shows her purple underwear under her cheer skirt, just acting coy & innocent but you know she's enjoying every minute of it! You blow your load as she stares in wonder & then she's off to meet her friend downstairs. Bye!


Interviewee Busts You Jacking Off

YOU'RE THE BOSS and you're interviewing for an open secretarial position. You're interviewing a very sexy blond lady Lily Anna and you can't help but get so turned on by her so you start stroking your hard cock under the desk. She notices and BUSTS YOU JERKING IT right away! But she encourages you to keep rubbing it, hoping to get the job. She uses her hands to let you know how she wants you to stroke your big engorged member and also setting the pace. Lily Anna is definately bubbly and cute, a lil bit shy about the situation but she really wants this job so she's aiming to please. When it's time for you to unload she gets down and OPENS WIDE TO TASTE YOUR CUM.


Friday, September 25, 2009

MILF Housekeeper Busts You Jacking Off

You're jerking off in your office and your housekeeper, a HOT busty MILF, Arianna Labarbera comes in to clean. you're SO BUSTED JACKING OFF but she's a voyeur and likes watch men masturbating; it turns her on visibly and she gives you masturbation instructions and encouragement with her hands too. You stroke it faster & faster til you CUM all over your lap & she proceeds to clean it up with her cloth. Arianna is a very SEXY & VERY BUSTY MILF who says the right things to get you off fast and furiously.


Tug For Me is now LIVE!

I'm pleased to announce that new jerk off encouragement & instruction site TUG FOR ME is now live and ready for memberships! That means instead of downloading & paying for each video individually you can join for one price and download them ALL at once! Right now the site accepts VISA & MASTERCARD and you get your password right away. So enjoy the new site TUG FOR ME for all your masturbation encouragement needs.

Jerk Off for Vicki

Vicki is waiting for you on the couch, telling you to take out your nice hard cock so you can stroke it for her. She loves watching guys jerk off in front of her and she even tells you how to do it, faster, slower, double fisted. She instructs you with her hand motions and is getting turned on watching you stroke your dick. She starts rubbing her pussy a bit and TEASING YOU WITH HER BARE FEET and RUBBING HER FEET ON YOUR COCK, GIVING YOU A FOOT JOB. She wants you to CUM ON HER FEET so she can rub in the cum and feel it between her toes.

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Mom In Law Watches you Jerkin it

You're jerking off in the bathroom and your MILF MOTHER-IN-LAW comes in and you're so BUSTED jacking off! She is shocked but also entertained at the SIZE OF YOUR COCK and encourages you to keep stroking your big cock for her. She needs to make sure you can satisfy her daughter; she gives you masturbation instruction as to how to jerk your cock as well as hand motions to follow too. She watches intently as you stroke faster and faster until you cum into the toilet and your mom in law's eyes just light up! Then she leaves as quickly she came in.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Stranger comes & watches you jack off

You're jerking off at home and a cute girl, Vicki, knocks on the wrong door. She sees you big cock poking out of your pants and asks if you WERE JERKING OFF. She invites herself in and encourages you to KEEP JACKING OFF while she watches and gets all turned on by you stroking it. She gives you masturbation instructions and techniques too. Seeing you're about to cum, she kneels down fast and tells you to cum in her mouth, FILLING HER MOUTH WITH YOUR HOT JIZZ and she loves it; what a total slut! Then she waves bye & is out!


Auntie busts you jerking off!

You're in the kitchen talking to your Auntie Karinne. She's a BLONDE MILF wearing a blouse, skirt and sheer pantyhose. She's bending over the dishwasher and you get a HARDON IN YOUR PANTS. Karinne notices and makes a comment about it, she also encourages you to take it out and STROKE YOUR BIG COCK AS SHE WATCHES, as naughty as that is. She is turned on watching you JERK OFF FOR HER, unbuttoning her blouse and teasing you with her sheer sexy pantyhose too! She wants you to CUM INTO A GLASS AND SHE DRINKS IT, enjoying how your cum tastes... but SHHHH... you can't tell anybody!


Cheerleader sister busts you jerking off

You're spying on your SISTER in her CHEERLEADER UNIFORM practicing cheers in front of a mirror. You make a noise and she sees you and sees the BIG TENT in your pants. She is shy and giggly, and also curious to see how big her brothers cock really is! You pull it out and she ENCOURAGES YOU TO JERK OFF while she watches. She is still apprehensive and asks questions about your masturbation habits. You CUM in front of her and she is SHOCKED at how much comes out and she reaches over to touch the cum & TASTE IT too! She is shy and giggles about it, but she likes how your CUM tastes!


Hooters Girl watches you jerk off

Your date Vicki comes over after work, still IN HER HOOTERS UNIFORM. As she's bending over in the fridge you GET A BONER and she notices right away. She giggles and says she wants to see your cock, so you pull it out and start stroking it in front of her! She likes WATCHING YOU JERK OFF and gives you hand motions on how to do it while getting turned on!! The keeps encouraging you to wack it until you cum. She wants you TO CUM INTO A COFFEE MUG & SHE DRINKS IT. She likes the taste of your hot cum and thus ends your second date with Hooters Girl Vicki.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busty MOM busts you jerking off

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MILF Neigbhors watch you jerk it


You're stroking it in the backyards when all of a sudden the 2 hot MILF ladies next door come into your backyard and tell you they've been watching you jerk off through the hole in the fence!! You're embaressed but they want to watch you stroke your BIG COCK rigth now in front of them while THEY WATCH. You can tell they like watching, as they also give you some masturbation instruction and hand motions to help. Busty Arianna holds out her water bottle so you can cum into it and she takes a drink out of it, tasting your hot jizz. THen she holds the water bottle up to you! What a perv you are, JERKING OFF WHILE THEY HOT NEGHBHORS WATCH!


Mom busts you jerking off


MOM Karinne busts you jerking off -

While SNIFFING YOUR MOMS PANTIES she comes home early and busts you jacking off to her panties! She is wearing black pantyhose and black heels. She is shocked at first but wants to watch you finish jerking off in front of her. What a PERV you are! She gives you jackoff intructions with her hands and her eyes get big as you cum onto her lace panties! She takes her CUMMY PANTIES away and says she'll wear them when the jizz dries and walks off.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Mom in law busts you jerking off

You are staying at your mom in laws house and you thought the ladies were out for the day so you start jerking off in bed to relieve they horny pressure. All of a sudden your MOTHER-IN-LAW , Tabitha, walks in and BUSTS YOU JACKING OFF !! You are horrified and try to hide it but she's already seen your cock. She encourages you to remove the covers so she can see her SON IN LAWS cock and make sure her daughter is happy. She is pleased with what she sees and encourages you to FINISH MASTURBATING and cumming. She sits on the bed and removes her top, exposing her BIG MILF BREASTS for you, watching intently as you stroke your thick cock. She suggest different techniques & ways to pull your pud. She can't wait to see your big cum load, she is nice & surprised!! You can't believe you got busted by a family member and wanted to watch!


Busted jerking off by hottie video

You are an exhibitionist and like to expose yourself out the hotel window. A young blonde lady is walking by as you are exposing your genitals and jerking off and she sees you. A while later you hear a knock on the door and it's the same girl!!! She ( Livvy Rose) comes in and confronts you about jackingoff your cock by the window. She says she wants to watch you jerk it and sits right down. She watches intently as you stroke your cock up & down, encouraging you and telling you how big it is and suggests some different techniques to masturbate with. You cum right in front of her and she is surprised at your load size. She says bye and leaves... you wonder who that stranger was. LIVVY ROSE is VERY TATOOED, with a full sleeve on her right arm & she has bleach blonde hair and a classic pinup look to her with a goth twist.


Janessa Jordan Jerks you Off

Janessa Jordan, the school slut gets into the elevator with you. You make small talk with her and she admits she's checked you out in class before. Inside the elevator she immediately corners you and wants to see your cock. Being the class slut, she also wants to jerk you off!! That's right, it's your lucky day today, the class slut is giving you a handjob right there and anyone could walk in and bust you!! She's fast and she knows what she's doing with her hands as she PUMPS YOUR SHAFT, trying to milk you of your cum. She can't wait until you spurt out your gooey white cum juice and she watches eagerly and your cock throbs in anticipation. You cum all over the place & Janessa takes off & says bye!


You go into a public bathroom stall and right behind you, this HOT BLOND girl follows you right into the boys bathroom!! She hangs out by the door and tells you she was checking you out and wanted to see more of you, including your big cock that's about to bust out of your pants. She wants you to take it out and it's alraedy rock fuckin hard! She tells you to start STROKING THAT BIG FAT COCK OF YOURS and sometimes even tells you how. With both hands, slower, faster, Kelli Stone lets you know! Watching YOU JERK OFF is turning her on and it shows too. Soon you just can't wait and you CUM your big load as she stares in shock and excitement. You can't believe this hot blond came from nowhere and watched you jerking off and cumming! Kelli leaves just as fast as she came. See ya round!


Sister busts you jerking off!

Your sister bounces into your room and plops down on your bed with a question. She's heard her friends talking and saying that you have a big cock and she wanted to see for herself. She asks to see your dick and when you pull it out she is shocked that her brother has such a big dick. It's already hard and you start stroking it a little. Sis is very interested and wants to WATCH YOU JERK OFF as she lounges on your bed and asks questions about how you like to jack off and how often, etc. Her eyes light up as you stroke your cock faster and faster and she wants to see you cum so badly!! She admits she's never watched a guy masturbate himself before. You cum as she watches and she is surprised, shocked and giggles. oh no ... she hears a car pulling in and it's mum & dad! ( masturbation encouragement video ) 9 minutes long