Friday, July 24, 2009

Sister busts you jerking off!

Your sister bounces into your room and plops down on your bed with a question. She's heard her friends talking and saying that you have a big cock and she wanted to see for herself. She asks to see your dick and when you pull it out she is shocked that her brother has such a big dick. It's already hard and you start stroking it a little. Sis is very interested and wants to WATCH YOU JERK OFF as she lounges on your bed and asks questions about how you like to jack off and how often, etc. Her eyes light up as you stroke your cock faster and faster and she wants to see you cum so badly!! She admits she's never watched a guy masturbate himself before. You cum as she watches and she is surprised, shocked and giggles. oh no ... she hears a car pulling in and it's mum & dad! ( masturbation encouragement video ) 9 minutes long


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