Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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You're a religious person going door to door to share the good word & today the lovely Katie M opens the door. She's got plans for you so she invites you into the house where her two GF's are, Sinn Sage & Cheyenne Jewel are hanging out. They pretend to be interested in your good word & discover that you're still a virgin & never been around this many cute girls alone before. Your cock starts getting involuntarily hard & they see it! Sinn wants you to take off all your clothes & even helps you remove them. They giggle & talk amongst themselves as you stroke it & evaluate your technique. Sinn & cheyenne even reach over & help stroke it with their hands too. They want to see you cum so you squeeze out a nice cum shot all over your hands. They're done with you so you can take your religious books & leave!


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You're work on Cheyenne Jewels farm & decided that on your break you're going to have a quickie jerk off behind the shed, especially since you've been watching her & her friends ( Sinn Sage & Katie Morgan ) walking around all day. They suddenly come around the corner & bust you with cock in hand! instead of running they come up to you & are laughing about it! They tell you to remove ALL your clothing, your workshirt & jeans so you stand there naked, outside on the farm in front of these 3 hotties. They encourage you to keep jacking off while they all watch & giggle & give you some hand motions. They're not being mean at all, but very giggly & coaxing. They want you to cum into their hand & all hold their hand out for you & tell you to squeeze all that cum out!! Then they fling it at you like Cum-Fetti & laugh about it & leave you standing there naked  

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Sexy lil Nikki Next comes into your bedroom in her tiny booty shorts underwear & sees her brother (you, from your POV) jacking it! She wants to see what you've got & if it's as big as dads cock. She wants to see you stroke it as she watches & gives you some nice JO instructions, cute & innocently. Nikki Next is new & only 18yo. You can totally tell in the way she does the JO encouragement, all shy and sly at the same time. She coaxes a nice big cum shot out of you, all over your hands & then never misses an opportunity for a little blackmail..... download sister brother jerk off instruction

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

18 year old Nikki Next daughter seduces dad JO encouragement

cute lil daughter Nikki Next is trying to sneak out of the house in a short sequined dress carrying her heels in hand when you wake up from being asleep on the couch! She makes up some excuse about going to the corner store but after grilling her she finally admits she's going to a party & begs you to let her go. She's sitting on the couch with her legs up so you can see her little red panties underneath & start getting so rock hard. You try to hide it but she spots your growing tent in your pants & calls you out on it! She knows you've enjoying watching her grow into a woman lately so she asks if she can see it just to see how big it is. You pull it out & daughter is very impressed & wants to watch you pleasure yourself. she's very innocent & shy about it. Nikki also loves saying the word daddy as you jack it hard for her. She wants to see her daddy cum hard for your girl & some of it hits her foot! She sticks out her foot so you can lick it off like the taboo pervert you are! Afterwards, she threatens to tell mom if you don't let her go to this party & then take her shopping tomorrow. What a lil brat princess you've raised.... she probably knew what she was doing all along.
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