Saturday, February 13, 2010

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You're jerking off in the teachers bathroom when all of a sudden, SEXY ASIAN TEACHER Ms. Siren Thorn comes in and catches you! She is shocked at first but admits that she's noticed you checking her out in class. She's impressed by the size of your cock and encourages you to keep jerking it whicle she watches, even teaching u some new techniques on jerking it. When you CUM she wants to taste your schoolboy cum in her mouth!

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You're in a tree SPYING on cheerleader Candi Apple as she's practicing in her cheer leader uniform. You're getting so fucking hard & she busts you watching her!! She makes you come down & laughs at you & your hard cock. Candi wants you to pull it out & she's going to watch you jerk off for her. She encourages you to stroke that big dick & gives you hand motions to follow as well. Candi flashes you her cotton panties underneath. You build up to a nice big cum load and she holds out her hand CUZ SHE WANTS YOU TO CUM IN HER HANDS & SHE LICKS IT ALL UP! What a perverted cheerleader she is! Uh oh, some one is coming, better scram!

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You're in an ADULT BOOKSTORE and you're jerking off in a video booth, watching porno. There's a hole in the side and staff member CANDI APPLE peeks in and CATCHES U JERKING OFF! She opens your door and wants to watch you finish jerking off while she stands there ADMIRING YOU BIG COCK. she gives you masturbation instructions with her hands and when you're about to cum she gets on her knees so you can CUM IN HER MOUTH and she tastes every last drop of it! Uh oh! She's got to get back to the counter! You're such a pervert u.


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