Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sister busts you jerking off!

Your cute blond innocent SISTER Lilyanna comes into your room to look for something & You forgot to lock the door. She sees you're JERKING OFF and is curious to watch you do it. She asks lots of questions innocently about how often U like to jerk it, how it feels and your techniques too. This is SO NAUGHTY, having your SIS watching you. She giggles and enjoys it. You CUM all over yourself and Lilyanna reaches over and TOUCHES your HOT CUM, tasting it in her mouth!! Shhhhhh don't tell mom or dad, this is your lil secret. Great JERK OFF ENCOURAGEMENT!

1 comment:

  1. This video , has brought back how I was caught / taught by my sister how to masturbate!
    She told me I was doing it wrong. How did I know , I was just enjoying what I was doing by rubbing my cock between my two hands instead of jerking it up / down like she showed me to do . I had a strong climax , which she enjoyed watching!!