Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dad jerks off for daughter Candle Boxx naked & taboo

You're in a room at the sperm bank trying to jerk off into a cup but it's not working!! You're fail to produce & are getting frustrated when in waltzes your innocent daughter Candle Boxx wondering what you're doing & that she's hungry! Well she catches you with dick in hand & now this clinic all makes sense to her!! You're at the spermbank but you're taking so long that she decides to take matters into her own hands & use her body & sexy lil girl voice to get a nice big cumshot out of you!! She knows she's hotter than mommie now, with her big pouty lips & big breasts & she's had a feeling that you're a secret dirty old man who wants to see his innocent girl buck nekkid! well she does just that & uses her cute lil girl voice to seduce you so good, giving you hot perverted words to milk that big dick as she gets naked! She wants to be daddys favorite lil girl to stroke to!

Candle Boxx sister JO encouragement perverted

You're in the changing room spying on your very sexy college sister Candle Boxx as she's trying on clothes, but she looks up and busts you spying on her! She makes you come into her dressing room & confronts you playfully... she knows you've been hard for her for awhile now & she is so pervy & naughty she loves teasing you! She encourages you to stroke off to her right now & she undoes her blouse to reveal her beautiful big boobs & rubs herself over her tight blue jeans!!! SO HOT & she knows all the right things to say to her brother too as you jack it. She peels off her jeans too & shows you her beautiful sister pussy with the small landing strip patch! She coaxes you to go faster & faster & not make too much noise as you milk all that cum into her open mouth!! She loves tasting her brothers cum so much! What a totally perverted taboo family!

Pornstar Sinn Sage busts you jacking off in bathroom

Pornstar Sinn Sage comes into the womens bathroom & confronts you (from your POV, the male) as to why you're in the womens bathroom in the first place. She's such a total pervert & notices your bulge in your pants so she demands you take it out & show her right now because she could easily report you to your boss & the authorities for being a pervert!! Well little do you know but Sinn Sage is a total pervert as well! She loves watching strange men in public bathrooms jack off their dicks & it's turning her on as well... as she reaches under her skirt to rub herself. She starts rubbing her tits and shows them to you to wank harder. You know where she wants you to cum??? She kneels down and opens her mouth so you can cum hard in her mouth as she rubs her pussy underneath her skirt and licks every last drop! Now you gotta clean up and leave buddy! She's super sexy and talks nice & dirty to you.  DOWNLOAD IT!

Sinn Sage pornstar auditions jerk off

Sinn Sage the famous G/G pornstar has decided to start going boy/girl porn so she's going to audition men for her site. So you know part of the usual pornstar audition is to get wood & jerk off by yourself while the interviewer watches. and in this case it's just you and the lovely pornstar Sinn Sage! You can't wait to get hard for her & show her that you're the best choice for male talent ever & she's impressed!! But can that big dick cum on command??? Lots of sexy talk with Sinn being herself, lots of hand motions and JO encouragement as she coaxes a huge big fat load out of your big cock!! HOT!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

teen cheerleaders what you jerk off

2 teen cheerleaders totally bust you jacking off! and it's your sister too.... how perverted. but they wanna watch their brother stroke his dick so good! Hot sister & brother jerk off instructions while they giggle at you & watch you stroke it good for them.  They're not being mean or anything but it is funny... DOWNLOAD TABOO JERK OFF ENCOURAMGENT 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Asian sister brother jerk off - Siren Thorn

Sister Siren Thorn is in her cheerleader uniform & she wanted to confront you about stealing her panties you dirty brother! She suspects you've been fantasizing about her & jacking off & who wouldn't!? She's so cute in her lil cheerleading uniform. She's gonna check to make sure you're jacking off the correct way & she gives you some good tips, hand motions and tons of encouragement to stroke it good for sis! You dirty dirty brother! She pulls down her cheerleading top to show her perfect big boobs & wants you to cum soon! SHOOT it all over her & her uniform you dirty boy! Milk it good for sexy asian Siren Thorn in this sister / brother JOI taboo video from tugforme

MILF Kyra Michelle JOI masturbation instructions

Kyra Michelle is a real older MILF in her mid 40's who loves seeing younger men jacking their dicks. You're her sons friend & you're hanging out on her bed waiting for her to get out of the shower. She comes out wrapped in a white towel only, which she does NOT take off. She knows what naughty thoughts are running through a young innocent boys mind & she's going to have some fun with you! She's gonna make sure you're got a nice big thick cock hiding underneath there & that you ALSO know how to use it! She's a soft sexy talker, very encouraging & sweet mommy-ish. She wants to coax the biggest and best cumload out of you yet & she wants you to milk all that cum in her hands so she can lick it and taste it to make sure your mom is feeding you good! What a perverted family this is! DOWNLOAD IT

Natalie Storm sister watches brother jerk off

Natalie Storm is a VERY new fresh faced young TABOO brother / sister scene with Eurasian girl who just happens to be your sister *gasp* & you're on her bed spying on her while she's coming out of the bathroom. She spots her panties in your hand & knows what you've been up to!! She's gonna have fun TEASING you with her sexy voice & she gives you tons of jerk off encouragement & instructions including TONS of hand movements, lots of sexy talk while being on the bossy/bratty sister side! She's wearing a wife beater tank & pink hello kitty PJ shorts & looks 19. She makes you milk it faster & faster until you CUM everywhere & some of it hits her arm. Well she sneaks a lil taste of it before letting you know what you did was totally wrong & taboo.... uh oh.  VERY HIGH ENERGY

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Daughter jerking off your daddy Briella Jaden

You're home from a long day at work & your college age daughter Briella Jaden is sitting on your bed lookin all cute & adorable. You know she wants something as she's always asking for money or the car but you didn't expect this request! She's trying to be all innocent but you've been suspecting that she's no longer your innocent lil girl anymore.... she really really wants to watch you jerk off today so she can learn how to please her new BF! What!? WHen did she even start dating!? She's practically BEGGING you to show her your dick & even threatens to tell mom you were acting inappropriate if you don't comply & take down your pants right now! Well what choice do you have? Briella always gets what she wants & right now she wants dad to teach her how he jerks off! Your dick is already rock hard from all this so you start stroking it all the way up & down & show her what a real man is made of! Your have to use 2 hands to milk that big man meat as daughter watches in delight and even rubs her crotch as she gets so turned on! You cum all over your hands and a drop even splashes on her stomach. Well she's gotta taste that! Right after you cum that's when the blackmail starts!!! SHe knows you did a bad thing & she's gonna milk you for all you got, including going out late, dressing like a slut, giving her money to buy things and she's gonna make her dad her BITCH!  DOWNLOAD IT 

Briella Jaden as your sister JO encouragement

You've been busted spying & hiding in your bratty college age sisters bedroom as she's lounging around on her bed. She's the epitome of bratty 19yo sister and she loves bossing you around & telling you how to jerk off your big man cock properly since you're obviously not doing it right! She tells you the best ways to grip it tight and stroke that big fat dick of yours in her sexy demanding voice! You're so excited you start stroking it so fast cuz you wanna milk it good for sister for so long. You cum so hard and she even tastes it on her fingertips & licks her lips so good. But now she knows that what you've done is taboo so you're gonna be her bitch or else she may tell mom your perverted secrets!!  DOWNLOAD IT 

Jerk off instructions taboo with Brookelynne Briar

Busted jacking off by the sexy Canadian fetish model Brookelynne Briar. Some nice taboo family scenarios too with sister and daughter busting you jerking your big dick. Download them here

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jerk Off Instruction video clip trailer 7

Busted with your dick out!! Hot girls bust you jacking off in public even, but they're all pervs too and want to watch you stroke that cock good & milk all that cum out!  Tugforme DVD #7 trailer... you can get the DVD, or download the JO instruction clips

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 CUM for pornstars because they want to see you stroking your big fat dick for them!  They tell you to cum as they watch you milk it out good.  Download individual videos here or you can join the site!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Katie Morgan sister brother jerk off instructions

Katie Morgan is your sister & today you decided to be really naughty & hide in her room to spy on her! She's got the covers over her bed & she's masturbating & moaning... but she looks over eventually & sees her brother hiding & demands that you come out... or should I say CUM out!? She's mad at first but she wants to see your cock & tells you to pull it out. She's the perfect demanding/bratty big sis & you don't want her to tell mom & dad as she threatens so you take out your hard dick. She wants to watch you stroke it but you're not doing it well so she takes over & gives you lots of commands & hand motions to follow. She even comes over & uses her hand to help you!! Big sis keeps telling you to stroke it faster & faster until you POP!! You give a great cum shot & she likes watching you BUT she then admits she's got pics & video of her brother jacking off now & she's gonna use it to blackmail you... like you've gotta do her homework... and her around... or else she's gonna tell dad what a total perv you are! Download jerk off instruction videos here!

Candi Apple as your innocent sister JOI

Old video from the vault of tugforme, here's pornstar Candi Apple being your very innocent sister & wanting to watch her perverted dirty brother jerk off for her!   Download it now on my clips4sale JOI store

Katie Morgan cheerleader daughter watches you jerk off!

Katie Morgan is your daughter & you're in your office watching some porn & trying to bate real quick... but you forgot to lock your door & she comes right in to ask daddy-kins for cash... in her cute lil cheerleader uniform too! Dang it! you try to stuff it back in your pants but it's too late & your not so innocent daughter sees everything!! She laughs at you & wants to see it, little do you know but she's already seen brothers cock & has blackmailed him. She teases you with her sexy short cheerleader skirt & wants to see her daddy jerk off his dick for her!! She lifter her skirt as well & shows you her nice curvy booty... what a big girl she's grown up to be!! She's kinda getting turned on too by watching her dad stroke it, which gets you even harder so you stroke it faster & faster as she tells you to go!! She wants to see her daddy cum his big load and she gets more & more excited as you're about to climax!! She squeels in delight as you bust your big load for her... but then she's got something else to tell you, she took pics & video of her daddy jacking off for his daughter so she is going to use this to blackmail you as well!! Yup, that means money when she needs it & she's allowed to go out & be bratty. Lucky really worked you over!   DOWNLOAD Katie Morgan DAUGHTER JERK OFF VIDEO

Moms Panty jerk off encouragement panty fetish

Kenna Valentina is your mom again in this taboo incest family jerk off instructions & encouragement clip. Your'e spying on your mom in her bed, getting a nice upskirt when she busts you & tells you it's ok to jerk off to mommie dearest now that you've shared so much, well with her touching your big boy cock & all the last time, plus cumming on her tits. This time she gives you a nice panty fetish closeup of her pantied crotch as she pulls the cotton material tighter and loose, pulsating it to your strokes. She pulls it super tight on her crotch & loosens it slightly and you get some nice closeups while she talks to you in her sexy soothing voice, telling you to stroke it good for mom! Cum all over her panties like a good panty boy!

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Kenna Valentina Taboo Jerk Off with boobs

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sister Addie Juniper JO encouragement video to download

Sister Addie Juniper comes home early & goes into your room to look for something but instead catches you jerking off! You try to hide it by pulling the covers over you but she notices that you have HER PANTIES on the bed too! She rips the covers off & sees your rock hard naked cock & wants to watch.  She demands to watch, as she's a big brat, & even takes some pics so she has you under her control from now on.  She's amazed her brothers got a nice thick dick & wants to see you jack it good for her! LOTS of DIRTY NAUGHTY talk that only a bad sister can deliver, she even takes off her shorts & shows u her cute pink lace panties & giggles & teases you! You milk that cock good for her & give her a nice big load, which she even touches & then tastes!!  Now she's got the goods on you so you better behave! Addie Juniper is super cute, bubbly and giggly.

Download ADDIE JUNIPER bratty sister JO instructions, perverted family JOI

Sinn Sage sister watches bro jerk off!

Sexy pornstar Sinn Sage is back & this time she's your sister that you're spying on as she's changing clothes in the fitting room next to yours.  You see her beautiful perky boobs before she catches you & makes you get down!  You're in trouble... or so you think.  She calls you a dirty fucking pervert & she sees your dick is still rock hard from seeing her tits & she starts mercilessly teasing you with her big curvy butt in those tiny little plaid shorts!! You see underneath she's wearing white cotton panties.  She's getting a rise out of teasing her hot brother with her ass & talking dirty to him... like she always wanted to but the opportunity never presented itself perfectly like right now! She loves seeing how hard she can make you & it's turning her on... faster & faster you go until she thrusts her white panty clad booty out & wants you to CUM on her panties!!  You squeeze out a big cumload & it's time for you to go you dirty filthy perverted brother!!  Sister brother jerk off masturbation instruction & encourgement taboo family with Sinn Sage

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kimberly Marvel big boobed MILF JO instructions for son

You've got a girl from school over & you're hanging out in the living room when your mom comes home early from work. Your mom's a young single mom, in her mid-30's & very curvy & busty. She's surprised to see you've got company since you've never brought home a girl before... and she's not happy... in fact, you think she's QUITE jealous!! Mom wants all the attention from her baby boy... but she's noticing that you're quite the big boy now and ha been neglecting you which is why u had a girl over. Mom realises this & promises to give you lots of attention, starting with that big bulge you have under your jeans. Mom knows you've grown up the last few years & she wants to see it & make sure you're taking care of it right... including seeing how you stroke it! Oh, she's your mom & you can hide anything from her. She wants to give you some stroke instructions to follow, talking to you sexy along the way. She shows her bra & huge big jiggly boobs as you jack it hard for her. She jiggles her boobs & it's too much for you so you CUM nice & hard on her tits, even getting some on her face DOWNLOAD THIS TABOO MOM/SON JERK OFF INSTRUCTIONS

Taboo Brookelynne Briar jerk off encouragement

Daughter Brookelynn Briar (Canadian Cam Model) is hiding in your bathroom closet while you're taking a shower... except you're not really showering, you're getting your big fat dick hard for a nice relaxing stroke session. She accidentally stumbles out & is busted by you, her DAD! She's mortified and embaressed but also giggly... and you start noticing that she's a grown woman now, not your little girl anymore but is sultry & sensual. And also very curious and naughty as she practically begs you to watch you jerk off that big cock of yours... it's even bigger than her brothers.. oops! Your bad girl is getting very turned on, even rubbing her clit over her cutoff jean shorts & pulls her bra top down to show off her perky boobs & pierced pink nipples! How cute is that!? She's ready to cum when you cum & rubs her crotch furiously as you milk that cock good! Your cum splashes everywhere & she leans down for further inspection & starts LICKING your cum off the tip of your cock!! She loves being daddy's bad girl! Brookelynn Briar is WAY sexy in this taboo family clip

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sister Brother JO encouramgent Brookelynne Briar

WOW, your very hot sexy sister Brookelynne Briar waltzes into your room while you're in bed & stroking your hardon under the covers! You have the blanket over you but she's quick to realize somethings up & starts questioning you... eventually pulling back the blankets to see your raging boner. She thinks it's kind of hot, seeing her lil brother jacking his dick so she jumps on your bed & acts all flirty, coy & cute, in her tiny jean cutoff shorts & white halter top! She tells you to keep going, giving you hot sexy sister talk to egg you on, hand motions to follow & even some different techniques to do to your hard cock & balls. She gets so turned on & into it that she pulls down her halter top & shows her milky white breasts & sexy nipples for her brother!! Brookelynne even reaches over and grabs your dick & tugs it a bit!! How perverted is that? Her sexy encouragement really gets you going & seeing her milky white skin & lil perky boobs sets you off & you cum so hard!! She's SO turned on while you're cumming & loves watching her bro milk his dick for her.... shhhh don't tell anyone! Hot taboo JO encouragement with Canadian cam model 

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Daughter Dad Masturbation Encouragement Siren Thorn

You come home from work all wiped out. Being a single dad isn't easy, especially with such an innocent daughter going through puberty. You're shocked when you walk into your room & your daughter siren in wearing one of your work shirts and lying in your bed seductively. She's never looked at you like this before, all coy like she wants some special attention from her dad. She wants to know about how boys pleasure themselves & how to "jack off" her new boyfriend, but she wants a man to show her how it's done first. She's very shy and coy about it, and what's daddy to do but to school his girl. She's shocked at how big you are & watches intently as you jerk it, asking a lot of questions about it. What a naughty girl you have!! Enjoy this daddy / daughter jerk off encouragement scenario & let me know if you like it & you want to see more in this style DOWNLOAD AT MY STORE NOW!

Mother & Sister Incest JO Instructions

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