Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dad jerks off for daughter Candle Boxx naked & taboo

You're in a room at the sperm bank trying to jerk off into a cup but it's not working!! You're fail to produce & are getting frustrated when in waltzes your innocent daughter Candle Boxx wondering what you're doing & that she's hungry! Well she catches you with dick in hand & now this clinic all makes sense to her!! You're at the spermbank but you're taking so long that she decides to take matters into her own hands & use her body & sexy lil girl voice to get a nice big cumshot out of you!! She knows she's hotter than mommie now, with her big pouty lips & big breasts & she's had a feeling that you're a secret dirty old man who wants to see his innocent girl buck nekkid! well she does just that & uses her cute lil girl voice to seduce you so good, giving you hot perverted words to milk that big dick as she gets naked! She wants to be daddys favorite lil girl to stroke to!

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