Friday, October 16, 2009

Party Slut Busts You Jerking Off

You are jerking in your apartment and a blond party girl walks by your window and sees you stroking it. She wants to come right in and thinks it fun to watch you, she really encourages you to go fast & sometimes slow, making hand motions for you to follow. Candi reveals her HUGE JIGGLY BOOBS as you jerk to her encouragement, and seeing how excited and turned on she's getting you're ready to cum!! She gets down on her knees with MOUTH OPEN and ready for your big cum to fill her mouth. Then just as quick as she came, she's outta here and you're left wondering "who the heck was that?"

Cheerleader Teen Watches You Jerk Off & Cum

You happen to a closet exhibitionist EXPOSING YOURSELF out the window and a cute CHEERLEADER TEEN ( Janessa Jordan) is visiting the tenant downstairs. She sees you STROKING IT and marches right upstairs! As soon as you open the door she calls you out on your masturbation and calls you a pervert. Then she parks herself on your kitchen counter and demands that you keep wacking your cock because she's going to watch til you CUM. Janessa is smart and she knows her sexy cheerleader uniform is turning you on so she subtlely shows her purple underwear under her cheer skirt, just acting coy & innocent but you know she's enjoying every minute of it! You blow your load as she stares in wonder & then she's off to meet her friend downstairs. Bye!


Interviewee Busts You Jacking Off

YOU'RE THE BOSS and you're interviewing for an open secretarial position. You're interviewing a very sexy blond lady Lily Anna and you can't help but get so turned on by her so you start stroking your hard cock under the desk. She notices and BUSTS YOU JERKING IT right away! But she encourages you to keep rubbing it, hoping to get the job. She uses her hands to let you know how she wants you to stroke your big engorged member and also setting the pace. Lily Anna is definately bubbly and cute, a lil bit shy about the situation but she really wants this job so she's aiming to please. When it's time for you to unload she gets down and OPENS WIDE TO TASTE YOUR CUM.