Monday, August 25, 2014

Sister Jazmyn jerk off encouragement video

Jazmyn is a super sexy & sensual young lady who also happens to be your sister that you're creepin on while she is napping. You start stroking it over her body but she wakes up & is shocked her brother is right there hovering over her! She's very articulate in admonishing you but she does want to watch her brother stroke it while she makes sure you're doing it well & gives you instructions with her hands to follow. She's got a super sexy voice as she commands you. Wearing nothing but a wife beater (you can see her little nipples underneath) panties & striped high socks. She's super cute & alt too, with dark purple hair, tattoos all over. She wants you to cum hard for her but she's going to blackmail you afterwards.... that's how she rolls.