Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pornstar Tia Ling Busts U Jerking Off

BUSTED JERKING OFF!! You're jerking off in your hotel room & asian housekeeper Tia Ling comes in with a bunch of towels. You heard her knocking but U purposely didn't answer, hoping she'd catch you!! She's shocked & stunned, but giggles and tells you to keep going, don't stop on her account. She takes a seat on the edge of your bed and encourages you to keep stroking your big thick cock for her, asking curious questions, but never touching you. She wants to see you cum, and gets excited when you're about to. You cum on yourself and the sheets and she's shocked at the amount of cum You have!! She asks if you need help cleaning up and starts cleaning with a white towel.

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Dragonlily Jerk Off 4 Teacher

You are sitting in detention with asian teacher Ms. Dragonlily and she catches you checking out her pantyhosed legs and pumps. She asks if you've ever fantasized about her and jerked off to her and you blush. She encourages you to pull out your hard member & she likes what she sees! She wants U to show her how to jerk off, giving you hand instructions on what to do & how to stroke it to your teacher. She wants U to keep staring at her pantyhose clad legs & pumps, her soft voice purring at you to cum!! Ms. Dragonlily instructs you to CUM ON THE FLOOR of the classroom, by her desk, so that tomorrow, in class, she will see the stain & think of you, her teachers pet and what happened just now.

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Housewife Moana Jack Off Encouragement

You're working fixing a heater in the hotel room, as the maintenance guy, and lounging on the bed is a housewife whose husband is out!! She's a raven haired MILF cutie in a green silk pajama set and she's eyeing you up! She tells you to come over by the bed & starts seducing U, wanting to see your nice cock and encourages you to start stroking your member as she watches & gets horny!! What a naughty wife she is! She loves teasing & seducing U, making hand motions faster & faster til u cum in her hands & she rubs it all over her chest!! She's had her fun with u & it's time for you to go! Featuring fetish model Moana Lott aka. Auriana Devine ready to watch U jack off for her.


Male Pornstar Auditions Now!

You're auditioning to be a male pornstar, your dream cum true, and today you must get rock fucking hard, jerk off and CUM successfully in front of the staff, Moana & Dragonlily who are in charge of casting & production. They watch you intently and are impressed with your size and how you stroke it, giving you encouragement and also some hand motions to follow as you stroke your big cock for them. You suspect they secretly enjoy watching you jerk it, but they must remain professional in this enviroment. They are smiling & talking with eachother about your cock. They work you up to a cumshot and it's a BIG CUMSHOT! They are VERY impressed with the size of it and want to book you to be their next big pornstud. Featuring famous fetish models asian Dragonlily & Moana Lott


You're walking in the hallway and pass by a VERY SLUTTY and hot MILF in a tight silver dress. She comes onto you right away and rubs up against you to make you nice & hard. SHe wastes no time in pulling out your rock hard cock and stroking it for you, from your POV of course. THERE IS NO ACTUAL COCK SHOWN IN ANY OF MY CLIPS. Joan tugs your cock and wants to watch you jerk off in front of her, she's getting so turned on seeing you! She sinks to her knees and OPENS HER MOUTH WIDE, TO CATCH YOUR BIG CUM LOAD. Yup, she's begging u to cum in her mouth, she wipes off the excess and it's time to go!

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Cheerleader Masturbation Encouragement

Great jerk off masturbation encouragement clip with sexy CHEERLEADERS in uniforms. You are such a pevert, spying on cheer leaders practicing but they CATCH U and make you come inside. They want U to keep stroking your big cock for them, encouraging you and giving you hand motions to follow, talking about your balls and how sexy it is! They're such pervs too! You're going to cum soon and they want you to CUM ON THEIR HANDS so they can taste your cum and lick it all off. Cheerleading uniforms are so cute! Featuring Canadian fetish models Siren Thorn & Syence

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Asian Coworker watches U jacking off

Your hot sexy asian co-worker Siren Thorn tells you that she's seen your stash of porn on the company computer & she threatens to tell unless you PULL OUT YOUR COCK and STROKE IT right now. Yeah she wants to watch you jerking off while she gets turned on. Siren looks so good in her sexy red dress, showing her cleavage and massaging her boobs. She gives you some masturbation instructions with her hands and coaxes you to CUM, but she wants U TO CUM IN HER MOUTH while she kneels down for you. Yummy!

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