Saturday, December 19, 2009

Masturbation Instruction with Boss Candi

Blonde boss Candi Apple call you into her office. She found you were looking at porn on your office computer and is NOT happy with you, saying you could get fired for that! Candi wants to see you pull out your dick and JERK OFF FOR HER right now, the perverted boss that she is. And she enjoys watching you too!! You get nice & rock hard for her, stroking that cock while she laughs and watches. She gives you some jerk off instruction hand motions as well, smiling coyly & enjoying it! You finally CUM HARD, all over her office floor. Candi instructs you to clean up her floor and the scene ends there!


2 Girls Watch You Jerk Off

You're feeling bold today, checking out the hotel patio area, and you spot 2 ladies sitting together at a table. You sit down at their table & strike up conversation and they notice right away you've got a boner. They figure you're an exhibitionist and encourage you to pull it out and jerk off under the table. At first their a little reluctant but they get into it and start giving you masturbation instructions and motions with their hands, verbally encouraging you!! You start cumming and stand up, CUMMING on the table. They play with the cum on the table, even tasting it on their fingers. You walk away, having a great public jerk off experience with two strangers.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Sister Busts You Jerkin in Bathroom

You're in the bathroom jerking off but you forgot to lock the door & your SISTER Janessa Jordan walks in suddenly and sees you with you COCK in your hands. She's all giggly and shy at first but she stays and wants to watch, since she's never seen a guy jerk off before. She sees you staring at her feet and concludes you get turned on BY FEET, so she teases you with her bare sexy feet. Janesa watches INTENTLY AS YOU STROKE IT, making comments and asking questions innocently. When you're going to cum she wants you to CUM ON HER BARE FEET, she comments on how warm it is and how it looks!

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Teen Busts You Jerking Off

You are jacking off in the privacy of your apartment but you left the hall blinds open and blonde party girl LilyAnna is walking by, peeks in and SEES YOU JERKING OFF, dick in hand! She knocks on the door and wants to watch you finish & cum. She is a perv just like you and it's turning her on to watch you stroke that big thick cock as she encourages you & gives you hand motions. When you're about to cum she wants you to CUM IN HER WATER BOTTLE and she takes a big swig out of it!!! What a kinky girl! But she's got somewhere to go so she leaves just as fast as she came in! Great jerk off encouragement & instructions video clip.