Thursday, December 31, 2015

Spying on sister changing JOI

anira Wolfe (now with long hair!)  is in the fitting room & you’re spying on her from the top. Not only is it totally wrong since it’s your sister, you’ve got a huge boner seeing her slim figure & little boobies.  You watch her for awhile but she eventually happened to be looking up & catches you! She makes you get down from your perch & confronts you in her change room. She kind of thinks it’s hot… having her brother get so turned on by her. Go ahead… jack it off for sister while she watches… what perverts you both are. She gives you some hand motions to follow but mainly she just watches & starts getting turned on by watching. She wants you to give her a nice big cumshot but only when she says it’s ok. When she gives the word, she wants you to milk it onto her hands & she’ll catch it!! We have have your semen all over the place now can we?? She catches it & then tastes it all, licking it off all her fingers. DOWNLOAD TABOO JOI

Friday, December 18, 2015

Teacher Ela Darling masturbation instructions

You're doing so poorly in your tests that your teacher, Ela Darling is concerned you don't understand how to follow the most basic of instructions. She's going to make you a deal.... you follow her specific jerk off instructions right now as she watches & scrutinizes you closely and she'll decide if you passes. She's such a dirty perverted teacher, making her student jack off his dick in class but what other choice do you have really? She licks her lips sexily in anticipation & she really enjoys watching you!!! She's getting turned on as she gives you specific ways to grip it, stroke it and you better make a huge big cum shot on the table for her

Perverted Teacher JO Encouragement

Sister Ela Darling JO encouragement in Bed

Your sister Ela Darling wakes you up in the middle of the night because she had a bad nightmare & wants to crawl into your bed with you. She gets under the covers & snuggles up to brother with her ass against you, accidentally rubbing you a little bit... oops. she didn't mean that, she's just really cold but it's too late... you're getting super hard with your sister "innocently" rubbing against you. She turns around & tells you it's ok to jack off, she knows you've been thinking of her before. She wants to watch you jack your big dick too because it's so naughty!! Shhhh... we can't be too loud or else mom & dad might hear. Faster & faster!!! She loves watching her brother stroke in bed so closely to her.... she wants to see you cum & you just explode!! A little bit gets on her legs too... oops! Now it's time for bed


Bratty Sister teaches you to Jack Off

Your bratty sister Raquel comes home unexpectantly as you're on the couch stroking off! She's shocked that you're on HER side of the couch & you're tugging it like there's no tomorrow. She laughs at your attempts at stroking & wants you to follow her as she gives you very specific instructions & movements. She's demanding yet sensual, bratty yet cute. And she definately knows how to jerk off boys as per her detailed sexy instructions. She gives you a cum countdown & wants you to cum into her hands. She sniffs, inspects & tastes your cum... what a nice helpful sister she is! Raquel is one of the better/sexier talkers for JOI


Daughter Tara makes Daddy a Video

your cute redhead daughter Tara is off at her 1st year of college & she misses her daddy-kins so much she needed to make you a lil sexy video! She wants you to know she's doing well but getting distracted from school by all these cute boys (and girls) & she's getting into naughty trouble. She looks so cute in her plaid schoolgirl outfit & pigtails. She tells you she gave her first blowjob ever & she wants to practice again before she comes home to see you. She misses her daddy more than she thought this 1st semester & she has to rub herself through her panties & show you her cute perky boobs & encourages you to jerk off to your lil girl while she's away! A very innocent, cute tease. She's a college age pale skinned beauty with no tattoos.  DOWNLOAD TABOO VIDEOS
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