Thursday, December 31, 2015

Spying on sister changing JOI

anira Wolfe (now with long hair!)  is in the fitting room & you’re spying on her from the top. Not only is it totally wrong since it’s your sister, you’ve got a huge boner seeing her slim figure & little boobies.  You watch her for awhile but she eventually happened to be looking up & catches you! She makes you get down from your perch & confronts you in her change room. She kind of thinks it’s hot… having her brother get so turned on by her. Go ahead… jack it off for sister while she watches… what perverts you both are. She gives you some hand motions to follow but mainly she just watches & starts getting turned on by watching. She wants you to give her a nice big cumshot but only when she says it’s ok. When she gives the word, she wants you to milk it onto her hands & she’ll catch it!! We have have your semen all over the place now can we?? She catches it & then tastes it all, licking it off all her fingers. DOWNLOAD TABOO JOI

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