Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mother Kenna Valentina JO instruction

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Busted jacking off in your ar

You're parked by your apartments & feeling bold & horny so you decide to do something crazy right now & pull out your cock right there in the car & start jerking it. You're leaning back enjoying it when all of a sudden a lady is walking beside your car & looks down in shock, seeing your cock out! She taps on your window & comes in, sitting in passenger side. She's bold and tells you to keep jerking your cock, giving u J/O encouragement & some instruction too. She leans over & spits on your dick, what a total perv! She work U up to cum & wants U to squirt it into her hands so she can lick it all up!

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Summer Luv sister jerk off encouragement

Meet hottie pornstar Summer Luv in this SISTER jerk off encouragement clip. You're outside her bedroom window spying & she hears you making noise. U come into her room and she sees your hardon & calls you a pervert! Summer wants to see her brothers cock, so you pull it out and can' wait to give your cute sister a show. She's giggly and asks lots of jerk off related questions,being cute & innocent. She reaches over and grabs your cock stroking it POV style. You can't hold back & cum all over her, splashing it all over her legs!! She's shocked... u Can't tell anyone about cumming on your sister...

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Teacher Livvy Rose Masturbation Instruction

Eyes on your paper kiddo!! But they're not, and instead you're checking out your hot blonde teacher in detention, the Miss Olivia Rose. You're trying to look up her skirt and she catches you. But she catches more than that with her eagle eyes, you've got a big boner in your pants so she wants to see what you've got down there. She's been thinking of you too and she wants to know if you've been fantasizing about her as well. She encourages you to jerk it for teacher, looking at you like a piece of meat she wants to devour. Sitting on the desk & giving you hand motions, it's not long before you want to cum for teacher but she wants U to CUM ON THE FLOOR for her, so when she sees the stains tomorrow in class, she will think of you and remember this moment.

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Housekeeping Tabitha Busts you jerking off

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Mom & Sis busts U jacking off

What a perverted family U have. Your sister comes into the bathroom (oops, u forgot to lock the door) & totally busts U jacking off in the bath!! She calls your MOM into the bathroom, laughing that she busted U jerking. Your Mother comes in & says she need to watch You jerk off & cum to see if you're doing it right!! She wants your sister to stay & watch her teach you too. Mom starts giving U instruction to follow with her hands, plus techniques and lots of encouragement, cuz she wants to coax a nice big CUM LOAD out of her big boy!!! mom even touches your cock for a few seconds to show U something. When you're ready to cum she tells you to CUMIN YOUR SISTERS HANDS & you totally coat them with your jizz. Your sister even tastes it all. What a strange taboo family U have!! Mothe played by pornstar Ryan Ryder and sister played by alternative fetsh model Livvy Rose aka. Olivia Rose

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Masturbatio Instruction with Totally Tabitha

You're partying in Las Vegas and walking down the hotel hallway half wasted when U pass a totally HOT BUSTY MILF who's checking you out. She starts hiting on you & you think to yourself "she looks a lot like internet pornstar Totally Tabitha!" She invites you to her room and right away sits down & starts unbuttoning your jeans & pulls out your raging cock!! You're in shock while she asks you to jerk off for her, give her a sexy show. Tabitha gives you tons of intruction, drity talk to encourage you and hand motions to follow. She gets so turned on by watchin U & it shows. she wants U to go fast so u can CUM IN HER MOUTH & she opens it wide for you!

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Maid Dragonlily Jerk Off Encouragement

Jerk off encouragement scene with the lovely asian fetish model pornstar, Dragonlily !! She's a maid dressed in a Black PVC costume and comes in a you're stroking it furious & fast in your hotel room. She's taken aback at first but it kind of turns her on & seeing as you're a total hottie, she stays. Dragonlily even sits on your bed, looking hungrily at your cock as he keeps encouraging you to stroke it harer & faster. Giving you hand motions to follow she starts quickening your pace because she wants to see you cum so badly, her sexy voice & accent telling you to keep going until you finally can't take it anymore and blow your big load!! She loves seeing it cum out and then offers to clean you up using her fresh towels.

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Pornstar Totally Tabitha audition POV

Your dreams of being a male pornstar are about to be realised when you see a newspaper ad by the hot MILF pornstar Totally Tabitha & she's looking for new to bang her on her websites. But first she wants to see your cock, make sure it's a good size & make sure that it works and can deliver a nice big cum load. So now is your one shot to shine in this jerk off encouragement audition. Tabitha is wearing a sheer top & miniskirt, showing off her nice tight MILF body & giving you hand motions to follow to stroke to. Her voice purrs at you, telling U to jack it faster & faster, harder & harder until you spew a thick load of hot jizz & takes her by surprise!! She is happy with your performance & dick size so she's going to make U into a pornstud!

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Asian sister Tia Ling Masturbation Encouragement

Oooh yes, another sister busts you jerking off clip but this time with the lovely asian pornstar Tia Ling looking cute and innocent as she busts you jacking your cock and plops herself down on your bed, even putting her face soooo close to your shaft as you're pumpng it, inches away. Tia Ling asks U a lot of innocent questions about your jerk off habit as she's staring at you jerkin. You wonder if she's going to masturbate thinking about U, her brother, later on. She wants to see you cum a nice load too! Her eyes widen as your squirt it out all over the bed and she quickly touches your sticky cum & puts it in her mouth, commenting on it. At the end she makes sure you ain't tellin anyone about this!!

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Sister Selene watches U jacking off

Your bratty but totally hot sister Selene bursts into your room & she totally knows what you're doing under the covers too!! Totally busted jacking off, how taboo. She wants to watch you stroke that thing, hard too. she mimics your movements and wants to see U play with your balls too, enjoying watching U cuz she's secretly a pervert just like you. She enjoys watching U feel uncofortable & pressured to keep jerking off, cuz u know this is wrong! But you can't help it and start cumming... she's amazed at how much cum is spewing out and she reaches out and touches it, tasting it too & makes a face cuz it tastes kind of weird. But u BETTER NOT tell anybody about this, esp Mom cuz she'll be pissed.

Auntie Tabitha Jerk Off Instruction in tub

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Uncircumsied jerk off encouragement

JERK OFF ENCOURAGEMENT CLIPS FOR UNCUT UNCIRCUMSIZED COCKS. Featuring the lovely sexy asian TIA LING who picks you up at a hotel, thinking you are a total hottie, she wants to take U back to her room. She is wearing a sexy black evening dress, heels and hair pulled back, ready for a night out. Inside she makes you sit down & tells you to pull out your cock & she sees that you're uncircumsized. She has never seen an uncut dick before & has many questions for you. She is very curious as to what you do to jerk off & how it feels. She kneels down for a better inspection of your cock and enjoys watching you stroke it, also giving you some hand motions to follow too! She encourages you to cum & she wants it all in HER MOUTH, opening wide to catch your thick cum load!! After a tasty wipe of her mouth she's got to leave!