Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mom & Sis busts U jacking off

What a perverted family U have. Your sister comes into the bathroom (oops, u forgot to lock the door) & totally busts U jacking off in the bath!! She calls your MOM into the bathroom, laughing that she busted U jerking. Your Mother comes in & says she need to watch You jerk off & cum to see if you're doing it right!! She wants your sister to stay & watch her teach you too. Mom starts giving U instruction to follow with her hands, plus techniques and lots of encouragement, cuz she wants to coax a nice big CUM LOAD out of her big boy!!! mom even touches your cock for a few seconds to show U something. When you're ready to cum she tells you to CUMIN YOUR SISTERS HANDS & you totally coat them with your jizz. Your sister even tastes it all. What a strange taboo family U have!! Mothe played by pornstar Ryan Ryder and sister played by alternative fetsh model Livvy Rose aka. Olivia Rose

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