Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Teacher Livvy Rose Masturbation Instruction

Eyes on your paper kiddo!! But they're not, and instead you're checking out your hot blonde teacher in detention, the Miss Olivia Rose. You're trying to look up her skirt and she catches you. But she catches more than that with her eagle eyes, you've got a big boner in your pants so she wants to see what you've got down there. She's been thinking of you too and she wants to know if you've been fantasizing about her as well. She encourages you to jerk it for teacher, looking at you like a piece of meat she wants to devour. Sitting on the desk & giving you hand motions, it's not long before you want to cum for teacher but she wants U to CUM ON THE FLOOR for her, so when she sees the stains tomorrow in class, she will think of you and remember this moment.

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