Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Auntie Tabitha Jerk Off Instruction in tub

You're at your in-laws house for the weekend & taking a bath while the women are making dinner in the kitchen. You start fantasizing about your mom's sister Totally Tabitha, a very busty & straightforward MILF when all of a sudden she opens the bathroom door!! Ooops, you forgot to lock it (perhaps on purpose) and she catches you jacking off with your dick in yur hands. She knows what's up and comments on how much you've grown & what a big boy you've become over the years. She makes herself comfortable leaning by the tub and encourages you to show her your jerk off techniques. She likes how U stroke it but gives a few ideas of her own on what she wants U to try; she IS much older & way more experienced than you, so how can u say no? Totally Tabitha can't wait to see you blow your huge load for her and works U up to it! Shhhh don't tell anybody, esp your MOM about this.... that her sister is a total pervert

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