Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Asian sister Tia Ling Masturbation Encouragement

Oooh yes, another sister busts you jerking off clip but this time with the lovely asian pornstar Tia Ling looking cute and innocent as she busts you jacking your cock and plops herself down on your bed, even putting her face soooo close to your shaft as you're pumpng it, inches away. Tia Ling asks U a lot of innocent questions about your jerk off habit as she's staring at you jerkin. You wonder if she's going to masturbate thinking about U, her brother, later on. She wants to see you cum a nice load too! Her eyes widen as your squirt it out all over the bed and she quickly touches your sticky cum & puts it in her mouth, commenting on it. At the end she makes sure you ain't tellin anyone about this!!

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