Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Male Pornstar Auditions Now!

You're auditioning to be a male pornstar, your dream cum true, and today you must get rock fucking hard, jerk off and CUM successfully in front of the staff, Moana & Dragonlily who are in charge of casting & production. They watch you intently and are impressed with your size and how you stroke it, giving you encouragement and also some hand motions to follow as you stroke your big cock for them. You suspect they secretly enjoy watching you jerk it, but they must remain professional in this enviroment. They are smiling & talking with eachother about your cock. They work you up to a cumshot and it's a BIG CUMSHOT! They are VERY impressed with the size of it and want to book you to be their next big pornstud. Featuring famous fetish models asian Dragonlily & Moana Lott


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