Sunday, February 17, 2013

Daughter Dad Masturbation Encouragement Siren Thorn

You come home from work all wiped out. Being a single dad isn't easy, especially with such an innocent daughter going through puberty. You're shocked when you walk into your room & your daughter siren in wearing one of your work shirts and lying in your bed seductively. She's never looked at you like this before, all coy like she wants some special attention from her dad. She wants to know about how boys pleasure themselves & how to "jack off" her new boyfriend, but she wants a man to show her how it's done first. She's very shy and coy about it, and what's daddy to do but to school his girl. She's shocked at how big you are & watches intently as you jerk it, asking a lot of questions about it. What a naughty girl you have!! Enjoy this daddy / daughter jerk off encouragement scenario & let me know if you like it & you want to see more in this style DOWNLOAD AT MY STORE NOW!

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