Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sister Brother JO encouramgent Brookelynne Briar

WOW, your very hot sexy sister Brookelynne Briar waltzes into your room while you're in bed & stroking your hardon under the covers! You have the blanket over you but she's quick to realize somethings up & starts questioning you... eventually pulling back the blankets to see your raging boner. She thinks it's kind of hot, seeing her lil brother jacking his dick so she jumps on your bed & acts all flirty, coy & cute, in her tiny jean cutoff shorts & white halter top! She tells you to keep going, giving you hot sexy sister talk to egg you on, hand motions to follow & even some different techniques to do to your hard cock & balls. She gets so turned on & into it that she pulls down her halter top & shows her milky white breasts & sexy nipples for her brother!! Brookelynne even reaches over and grabs your dick & tugs it a bit!! How perverted is that? Her sexy encouragement really gets you going & seeing her milky white skin & lil perky boobs sets you off & you cum so hard!! She's SO turned on while you're cumming & loves watching her bro milk his dick for her.... shhhh don't tell anyone! Hot taboo JO encouragement with Canadian cam model 

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