Monday, October 7, 2013

Briella Jaden as your sister JO encouragement

You've been busted spying & hiding in your bratty college age sisters bedroom as she's lounging around on her bed. She's the epitome of bratty 19yo sister and she loves bossing you around & telling you how to jerk off your big man cock properly since you're obviously not doing it right! She tells you the best ways to grip it tight and stroke that big fat dick of yours in her sexy demanding voice! You're so excited you start stroking it so fast cuz you wanna milk it good for sister for so long. You cum so hard and she even tastes it on her fingertips & licks her lips so good. But now she knows that what you've done is taboo so you're gonna be her bitch or else she may tell mom your perverted secrets!!  DOWNLOAD IT 

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