Monday, October 7, 2013

Daughter jerking off your daddy Briella Jaden

You're home from a long day at work & your college age daughter Briella Jaden is sitting on your bed lookin all cute & adorable. You know she wants something as she's always asking for money or the car but you didn't expect this request! She's trying to be all innocent but you've been suspecting that she's no longer your innocent lil girl anymore.... she really really wants to watch you jerk off today so she can learn how to please her new BF! What!? WHen did she even start dating!? She's practically BEGGING you to show her your dick & even threatens to tell mom you were acting inappropriate if you don't comply & take down your pants right now! Well what choice do you have? Briella always gets what she wants & right now she wants dad to teach her how he jerks off! Your dick is already rock hard from all this so you start stroking it all the way up & down & show her what a real man is made of! Your have to use 2 hands to milk that big man meat as daughter watches in delight and even rubs her crotch as she gets so turned on! You cum all over your hands and a drop even splashes on her stomach. Well she's gotta taste that! Right after you cum that's when the blackmail starts!!! SHe knows you did a bad thing & she's gonna milk you for all you got, including going out late, dressing like a slut, giving her money to buy things and she's gonna make her dad her BITCH!  DOWNLOAD IT 

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