Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sister Addie Juniper JO encouragement video to download

Sister Addie Juniper comes home early & goes into your room to look for something but instead catches you jerking off! You try to hide it by pulling the covers over you but she notices that you have HER PANTIES on the bed too! She rips the covers off & sees your rock hard naked cock & wants to watch.  She demands to watch, as she's a big brat, & even takes some pics so she has you under her control from now on.  She's amazed her brothers got a nice thick dick & wants to see you jack it good for her! LOTS of DIRTY NAUGHTY talk that only a bad sister can deliver, she even takes off her shorts & shows u her cute pink lace panties & giggles & teases you! You milk that cock good for her & give her a nice big load, which she even touches & then tastes!!  Now she's got the goods on you so you better behave! Addie Juniper is super cute, bubbly and giggly.

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