Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Katie Morgan cheerleader daughter watches you jerk off!

Katie Morgan is your daughter & you're in your office watching some porn & trying to bate real quick... but you forgot to lock your door & she comes right in to ask daddy-kins for cash... in her cute lil cheerleader uniform too! Dang it! you try to stuff it back in your pants but it's too late & your not so innocent daughter sees everything!! She laughs at you & wants to see it, little do you know but she's already seen brothers cock & has blackmailed him. She teases you with her sexy short cheerleader skirt & wants to see her daddy jerk off his dick for her!! She lifter her skirt as well & shows you her nice curvy booty... what a big girl she's grown up to be!! She's kinda getting turned on too by watching her dad stroke it, which gets you even harder so you stroke it faster & faster as she tells you to go!! She wants to see her daddy cum his big load and she gets more & more excited as you're about to climax!! She squeels in delight as you bust your big load for her... but then she's got something else to tell you, she took pics & video of her daddy jacking off for his daughter so she is going to use this to blackmail you as well!! Yup, that means money when she needs it & she's allowed to go out & be bratty. Lucky really worked you over!   DOWNLOAD Katie Morgan DAUGHTER JERK OFF VIDEO

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