Monday, September 7, 2009

Auntie busts you jerking off!

You're in the kitchen talking to your Auntie Karinne. She's a BLONDE MILF wearing a blouse, skirt and sheer pantyhose. She's bending over the dishwasher and you get a HARDON IN YOUR PANTS. Karinne notices and makes a comment about it, she also encourages you to take it out and STROKE YOUR BIG COCK AS SHE WATCHES, as naughty as that is. She is turned on watching you JERK OFF FOR HER, unbuttoning her blouse and teasing you with her sheer sexy pantyhose too! She wants you to CUM INTO A GLASS AND SHE DRINKS IT, enjoying how your cum tastes... but SHHHH... you can't tell anybody!


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