Monday, June 27, 2011

Detention time again! At least once a week you're stuck in detention for one thing or another but this time you have it planned out. You notice that Miss Wenona was looking extra hot today in her skirt & hose & you're leaning down trying to sneak a peak but she catches you looking at her. You've already got a raging stiffy in your pants & she clearly sees it under your pants so she calls you out on it! Yup, busted checking out teacher. But instead of being unhappy with you and giving you more detention, she starts flirting with you. What a pervert she is! She even wants to see how big you are & surprised at the nice size you have. But the real question is... do you know what to do with it? Well, she's going to see & if you need some help & tips, she'll give you plenty of that! Lots of nice dirty talk to encourage you as well as hand motions to follow, from a lady who has more experience than you! No where is she going to make you cum? Wenona is a lady in her early 30's with a fit body, and orthdonic braces


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