Monday, June 27, 2011

Daughter Catches U Jerking Off you PErv!

You're in the bathroom having a quick stroke off session & you thought you locked the door but obviously you didn't when your cute daughter walks in suddenly! She's startled when she sees her dad with his big dick in his hands. But she doesn't slam the door running in fright though. it's that time in her life when she's curious about what boys like & what to do with them if heaven forbids, she gets a boyfriend. Amo wants to stay & watch, acting very cute & innocently, asking a lot of jerk off related questions as to your jack off habits & what you like to do & why. She's very curious about learning all about how guys shoot their load. Her eyes widen as she sees how big you get as you stroke it with your daughter watching you. When you're ready to blow your wad she excited keeps saying "cum daddy, cum!" until you explode right there. Without warning, she snakes her hand up and touches your semen, taking a tiny bit on her fingertips & gingerly tasting it while giggling nervously. What a naughty bad daughter you have!


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