Monday, June 27, 2011

Orias sister JO Encouragement

Older Sister Orias comes into your room & tells you that one of her friends was spying on you at school & saw you in the bathroom & said you had a big cock. Naturally she doesn't believe you & wants to see it herself!! She convinces you to pull it out & she'sastounded by the size of it. Of course it's been quite a few years. She wants to teach her litle brother a few techniques for jerking off & she shows you with her hands so you can follow along. She totally is a schoolgirl big sister type with her mannerism & actions. She is incredulous that this is even happening! You can't wait and cum so hard! it just keeps on coming & cumming all ove the place & Orias is squeeling in shock. Se can't believe how much you had in here.

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