Monday, June 27, 2011

Orias Bestat office JO encouragement

You're holding interviews for an assistant but ORias was a bit late so you started looking at your favorite internet porn site on the computer before she got here. Orias arrives & you start the interview but you still have a raging boner underneath the table so you keep on stroking it discreetly, hoping she doesn't notice. But she DOES NOTICE & verifies it by looking under the table! Totally BUSTED JACKING OFF! She doesn't run away though, she kinds of is enjoying it & wants to keep watching you jerking it. Even coming over to sit on your desk & boldly giving you jerk off instructions & hand motions to follow! You're just so glad she didn't report you or call the cops & you enjoy having this young lady watch you stroking it. She's a cute fiesty one so maybe you should hire her!

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