Monday, June 27, 2011

kenna valentina Masturbation Encouragement

You called to get house insurance for your new place & they said someone would come by to look at the house & sign you up with a new policy. Well, they never said that it would be busty babe Kenna Valentina! She's wearing a very low cut top so you can't help but stare. Kenna catches you & likes this attention cuz she knows she's a hottie! She even calls you out on your growing boner under your pants. Thinking this will get you to buy an expensive insurance package, she big time flirts with you and asks to see your cock. It's a lot bigger than she thought & she encourages you to start stroking it while watching her. She's such a tease with her dirty words & talk, plus hand motions to follow. When it's time to cum, she encourages you to cum in her awaiting hands and she eats it all up hungrily. Well I guess you'll be getting that policy now!

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