Monday, June 27, 2011

Busted Jerking Off by Bikini Hottie

You're spying out your window at some of the girls walking back to their apartments from the pool in their bikinis. One short haired girl is walking by in her bikini top looking hot & she looks over at you, busting you with yur dick in hand! You hide from the window but you her a knock on the door & it's that girl you were spying on!! She's kind of mad but she wants to watch you finish, cuz she's kind of a perv too. In fact she ORDERS you to keep jerking off, following her hnd motions. You get so excited you need to CUM now & it's a HUGE cum shot, you splatter her with some semen on her boobs!! That's a long shot. She's shocked at first... but she's secretly liking the attention!

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