Friday, January 21, 2011

Sexy Redhead JO Encouragement in your car

If you have exhibitionist & public flashing & exposure tendencies but are too shy to actually do it in person there's no ned for you to not live your fantasy! You're jerking off in brod daylight in your car and a hot redhead Crash, walks by & spots you! She taps on your window & surprises you! She invites herself into your car & encourages you to continue stroking your meat while she waches. She enjoys watching you hungrily and gives you some good dirty talk & hand motions to follow while she eyes you up and down. She wants you to cum of course & she wants U to cum in her mouth, she leans down & really encourages you to squeeze your cock nice & hard & milk it into her mouth to taste you!! THen she thanks you for the show is outta there!


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