Friday, January 21, 2011

Mom & Sister Watches you jerking off

Your mom found out that you've been using her socks as jerk off socks! She confronts you about it & while she's doing that your blond sister Livvy comes in & she had found the other sock that matches the one your mom is holding. They tell U to stop using their socks & they want to watch you jerk off right now to see your technique & if you're doing a good job of it. You start stroking it for your sister & mom as they watch U intently & even giggle a bit. your mom gives you some jerk off instructions & hand motions & your sister starts doing them too. Your sister is sniffing your dried up cum on the sock; what a PERV! THey work you up & you'e so horny U need to cum so they hold out the socks for u to cum on!! Your sister even sneaks a quick lick of your fresh cum on te sock & your mom tells her to stop it! What a weird family U have. Featuring fetish models Ryen Ryder and Olivia Rose.


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