Saturday, January 22, 2011

Teacher Orias Bestat Masturbation Instructions

you're having a quick jerk off session in the teachers bathroom where you thought you'd have more privacy than the public boys bathrooms. But you didn't lock the door properly and Miss Orias Bestat walks in. She stops in her tracks when she sees you with your dick in hand!! She slams down her binder & threatens to report you. But then she notices you're not pulling on it very effectively and wants to teach you some better techniques to jack off & cum. She gives you lots of instruction like only a teacher can do, with lots of hand motions & talk instructions. She wants you to milk it hard for her & she's going to taste your cum & let you know how it tastes & check out the consistancy too. OMG she's going to grade you on your masturbation skillz & cum so you better listen to Miss Teacher!


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