Friday, January 21, 2011

Sister Crash Cheerleadr JO

ou're outside the window spying on your college age SISTER, redhead Crash, as she is in her cheerleading uniform practicing her cheers in the living room. She catches you spying on her and playfully asks what you are doing outside. She knows you like to see her in her full cheerleading uniform & suspects you of even sniffing her underwears in the laundry pile! She sees your big tent in your pants & wants to see it. She's shy and giggly but she likes being your OLDER SISTER and being able to demand things from you, like making you jack off right now! You're so turned on by all of this & the taboo - ness of it. She even likes instructing you on how to jerk it and even some dirty talk! You can't believe the words coming out of your sisters mouth! You're going to cum & she really encourages U to do so, so she can see how much comes out of your cock! She squeels in glee as you explode all over yourself & she reaches over to touch the cum on the tip of your penis & tastes it!! Then she
runs off... shhhh don't ever tell mom


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