Tuesday, June 16, 2015

DDLG daddysgirl Olivia makes daddykins a video from college

Your cute lil pixie blond daughter Olivia has been to college for the last 6 months but she misses her dad soooo much that she recorded this lil video for you to say hi! She tells you she's been partying a lot and getting drunk almost every single weekend. She's wearing a cute coral bra & panty set as she tells you about how many guys she's fucked, especially while tipsy and she just gets so horny. She even made out with a girl too but she didn't fuck her. She's going to send you 2 of her very used lacy panties too so you can jack off into them. She sniffs them & they're quite used with her scent on them. She loves her daddy very much & can't wait to see you at Christmas time soon! Olivia is so super cute & adorable, only 105lbs and skinny
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