Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sister brother naughter JO encouragement & taboo

Big sister Olivia is such a cute lil pixie blond & she confronts you about finding her panties in your drawer. What's all this white crusty stuff on them?? SHe sniffs them & figures it's your cum & you've been jacking off into them. She wants to watch you jerk off, y'know, as your big sister & all, to make sure you're doing it properly. Being in college, she has a lot of experience sexually, much more than you! She's enjoying you stroking your big cock, just as big as dads cock, but gives you some pointers & movements with her hands to follow too! She wants you to go faster & faster til you cum & some of it hits her leg, which she wipes up and tastes. What a naught taboo family... but shhhh don't tell mom that you've done this or that she's seen dads dick too

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