Friday, May 23, 2014

Daughter busts Dad (you) jerking it! innocent tara tied

Tara Tied is such a young & innocent redhead & she catches you jerking off & is shy & giggly about it. But she wants to ask you questions about how boys jerk off & what feels good to them so she'll know how to please & jerk off her boyfriend. Being such the great & helpful dad you are, you answer all her questions & show her how you love stroking that big man meat of yours! She sits nice & close to you on the couch & talks so innocently yet sexy in your face. She loves watching her dad stroking it & starts rubbing her pussy over her little panties & enjoying it so much! You can't stop cumming now!! While watching your sweet girl watching you!! BUT after you cum, Tara knows she's got you by the balls so to speak & threatens to tell stepmom if you don't increase her allowance immediately!! What a sneaky girl!! 

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