Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tori Bell Sexy Nurse jerks you off!

Your moms hired you a sexy nurse to take care of all your needs after your snowboarding accident! The lovely redhead Tori Bell arrives to give you your hot tea & check up on you but instead she catches you stroking your cock! You try to hide it but she's too quick and calls you out on it. She enjoys what she sees and actually wants to help you stroke that big cock you're hiding under the blankets. She talks dirty to you, all while stroking your cock, tugging fast on it as she puts her mouth so close to it! She stroke you faster & faster until you about to burst, she's such a sexy naughty nurse!! She wants you to cum on her nice big bouncy boobs and milks your big cock until it's dry! She rubs your cum on her big tits and makes sure you know that this is your little secret... shhhh... Tori Bell is very sexy & sexual, commanding, not demanding. A real looking DILDO is used in this scene for her to stroke.DOWNLOAD  TORI JACKING YOUR DICK OFF NOW!


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