Friday, July 10, 2015

Daughter Sunny wears moms lingirie for daddy DDLG jerk off

You come home from work early, knowing your wife is still at work but you didn't think you'd find your slim pixie-like innocent daughter in your closet secretly sniffing your clothes!! And what on earth is she wearing!? Sunny is startled but then quickly explains that she tried on moms sexy lingirie, sheer lace panties with garter belt, sheer nude stockings & matching light blue lace bra. She know's she's still DDLG daddyslilgirl BUT she wanted to try on something sexy & sensual. Please don't tell mom ok? She can see how turned on you are, seeing your lilgirl playing dress up with her tiny boobs trying to be grown up! She sees your big tent in your pants & begs you to watch you jerk your big dad cock for her. She teases you with the sexy lingirie, saying how much she looks like mom, just a much prettier & younger version of her. She knows she can get away with a lot & rubs her sheer lingirie & stockings, cozing you to jack off aster & faster. You want to cum all over the sheer pantyhose & garter don't you?? Milk that big dad cock for your lil sweetie pixie daughter but don't tell your wife. Sunny is a cutie, just 5'2 & 105lbs


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sister brother naughter JO encouragement & taboo

Big sister Olivia is such a cute lil pixie blond & she confronts you about finding her panties in your drawer. What's all this white crusty stuff on them?? SHe sniffs them & figures it's your cum & you've been jacking off into them. She wants to watch you jerk off, y'know, as your big sister & all, to make sure you're doing it properly. Being in college, she has a lot of experience sexually, much more than you! She's enjoying you stroking your big cock, just as big as dads cock, but gives you some pointers & movements with her hands to follow too! She wants you to go faster & faster til you cum & some of it hits her leg, which she wipes up and tastes. What a naught taboo family... but shhhh don't tell mom that you've done this or that she's seen dads dick too

DDLG daddysgirl Olivia makes daddykins a video from college

Your cute lil pixie blond daughter Olivia has been to college for the last 6 months but she misses her dad soooo much that she recorded this lil video for you to say hi! She tells you she's been partying a lot and getting drunk almost every single weekend. She's wearing a cute coral bra & panty set as she tells you about how many guys she's fucked, especially while tipsy and she just gets so horny. She even made out with a girl too but she didn't fuck her. She's going to send you 2 of her very used lacy panties too so you can jack off into them. She sniffs them & they're quite used with her scent on them. She loves her daddy very much & can't wait to see you at Christmas time soon! Olivia is so super cute & adorable, only 105lbs and skinny
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White trash daughter Adele Jerk Off Encouragement

Your tall sexy slut daughter Adele is trying to sneak out of the house wearing the shortest lil mini dress that doesn't even cover her coochy & high hooker heels. As dad, it's your job to try and stop her but she's sooo convincing when she wants something. You find yourself staring at her long pale legs, almost getting a peek of her pussy as she's pleading her case... and she catches you! She knows what daddy wants & that's to stroke your filthy cock while she watches & teases you. She even shows you a glimpse of her tight pussy & rubs it real quick, that's how turned on she is about seeing dads big cock. She's gonna tease you til you cum hard!! and she's also gonna snap a pic so that way she has blackmail material on you. You know what...? She's gonna grab your credit card on the way out the door.

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Lotioned hands jerk off encouragement sister Adele

Sexy tall Adele is your slutty blonde sister & you're in her closet watching her get ready in the bathroom. She spots you & demands that her perverted brother get out so she can have a talk.... she knows you've had a crush on her & she's gonna make sure you're jacking off the best you can lil brother! What a sweet nice big slutty sister! She puts a TON of lotion on her hands & rubs it all over & then reaches over to rub all the lotion on your cock, making it nice & slippery. You can hear the lotion making noises on her pale hands, slurping noises. She needs you to go faster & faster so you can CUM into her open hands! Then she's gonna rub it with her already lotioned hands & use your cum as additional LOTION & apply it onto her skin. She's going to go out with her school friends with your cum as lotion on her arms! What a serious perv!  DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sexy aunt seduces you to jerk off

Aunt Daisy comes home drunk & horny & you’re the only male who’s awake in the house. You know she loves watching guys jack off right?  You’re still confused at how she’s your moms sister… I mean look at her!!
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Freshi Juice Mom/Son jerk off instructions

Freshi Juice is a curvy full figured ALT & trendy young mom, whom you just happen to be spying on while she's coming out of the shower! She sees that you're standing there staring at you & notice you've got a tent in your pants so she calls you out on it. She's been noticing that you've been staring at her & that her panties have been missing so she asks you about those too. She wants you to be open & honest with her & wants to see how you pleasure yourself. Mom in very straightforward in asking you to jerk off while she watches & gives you additional jerk off instructions & even reaches over to help you stroke it. Mom knows best right?? She strokes you faster & faster with her hands until it's time to cum a nice load & she wants it right on her chest. She uses the "son" word a lot until you cum on her & she tastes it on her fingers. She holds up her fingers because she wants you to taste it too! Shhh this is your dirty lil secret so you can't tell anyone