Friday, December 12, 2014

Sister Kym watches brother jerk off

Kymberly Jane bratty sister watches you jerk off and gives you tons of hot sexy JO instructions. Kym makes a great big sister who is demanding yet bratty all in a sexy way, if that makes sense. lol. lots of other incest & taboo jerk off instructions with sisters, moms & more. download this now

Mom son jerk off instructions with Kymberly

Busty MILF Kymberly comes in to apologize to you, her darling son, for getting made at you for busting you jacking off & grounding you so harshly earlier.  She feels bad about it as she explains & her white robe accidentally comes open so you see her sexy lacy lingirie she's wearing underneath. She sees how intrigued you are so she decides that it should be her job to teach her boy how to jack off & milk it well!  Instructions that only a sexy mom can do best!  She starts you nice & slow, then getting faster & hotter as she tells you to jack it faster & faster as she teases you with her sexy lingirie, bouncy boobs & sweet sexy talk. She gives you a countdown to cum.  You explode all over your hands & cock.  Mother Kym quickly reaches over & tastes it on her fingers to make sure it's not icky tasting & that you're eating your fruits!  Shhh... don't tell anyone about your perverted family!
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Hippie bratty sister jerk off encouragement

Your hippie college sister Mystick is looking so cute while napping in bed that you decide to check her out even closer... the though of her pretty pale skin & pink lips gets you hard so you start jerking your cock. She wakes up & catches you, her brother, jacking it over her & she's horrified & giggly about it. She kinda likes watching you and has a lot of jerk off instructions for you to follow along with, walking sexy & seductively even though she knows it's totally wrong to do that and very taboo. She wants to see her brother milk out a huge cumshot all over yourself but a drop of it gets on her too & she squeels loudly!  Sister brother JOI masturbation encourgement and instructions

Friday, October 3, 2014

Daughter jerks you off, perverted Lela

Daughter needs something from her daddy-kins dearest & she knows how to act cute, make you hard and grab your dick to help you jack off so she can get what she wants! How on earth did you raise such a sneaky girl anyways? She must’ve learned it from college…. download

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Middle eastern sister brother jerk off instructions JOI

your college age Middle Eastern sister totally busts you jacking off & is horrified at first but then teaches you some jerk off techniques to help her baby bro.  Lots of giggling & being the bratty sister.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Daughter seduces daddy to jerk off ORias

download this taboo daddy daughter jerk off encouragement. Orias is such a cute innocent daughter who is freaking out over seeing daddy's big dick!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jerk Off instructions encouragement taboo trailer

New jerk off instructions & encouragement trailer #7, filmed at Fetishcon 2014, featuring some all new girls & plenty of naught taboo scenarios with your sister, mom & daughter watching you stroke that dick. Go to my store